Marketing planning transformation in the automotive industry

Munich, December 2021


Munich/Detroit, December 2021

ar buying is now a hybrid experience, with online marketing playing a decisive role in guiding potential buyers to their preferred choice.

By the time they step into a dealership, most people already know what vehicle they want to buy. For marketing planners in the car industry, this means far more attention must be paid to the customer’s online journey.
In this shared virtual/physical world, the function of marketing changes from building brand awareness via big ad campaigns to becoming a key enabler of sales. This will require marketing departments to embrace new planning models that are goal-oriented, data-driven and integrated across several client-facing departments in order to keep prospective buyers engaged at every step of their decision-making journey.
Berylls has identified six key elements for the successful transformation of marketing planning in the automotive industry:
  1. Become goal and business driven.
  2. Embrace the entire, complex customer journey.
  3. Adopt agile methods for real-time transparency and steering.
  4. Create cross-functional standards and collaboration.
  5. Introduce a central collaboration platform.
  6. Become data-driven and fact based.
All will increase the effectiveness of marketing planning by placing the customer and business goals at the center of marketing efforts, and by adopting data and agile working methods to measure and optimize the performance of marketing decisions and lay firm foundations for further success.
Berylls Insight
Marketing planning transformation in the automotive industry
Jonas Wagner

Managing Director

Sascha Kurth

Senior Associate

Jonas Wagner
Jonas Wagner (1978) is a Partner at Berylls Strategy Advisors and Managing Director of Berylls Mad Media. He has been a consultant in the automotive industry for more than 18 years. Wagner supports the strategy and organizational development of leading automotive manufacturers in the transformation of their sales and marketing. This includes the digitalization of the customer interface, the introduction of new sales models and the development of a data-driven sales and marketing organization. The focus is on optimizing the customer journey across all divisional boundaries – whether sales, after sales or financial services.
Before joining Berylls, he worked for the strategy consulting firm Oliver Wyman for automotive manufacturers in Germany and abroad.
He studied business administration at the Aarhus School of Business and at the University of Mannheim, focus on international management, marketing and controlling.
Sascha Kurth

Sascha Kurth (1987) is a Principal at Berylls Mad Media, the Sales & Marketing Transformation unit of Berylls Group, a group of companies specializing in the automotive industry. He is an expert in building KPI & data-driven sales- and marketing-organizations and can look back on many years of experience in data-driven marketing and e-commerce environments.

Sascha Kurth has been advising automobile manufacturers in a global context since 2013. He has in-depth expert knowledge in the areas of goal-oriented sales & marketing planning, data management platforms & customer data platforms, e-commerce platforms, programmatic advertising, customer relationship management, smart KPIs and management dashboards.

Before joining Berylls Mad Media, he supported leading OEMs, e-mobility start-ups and fast moving consumer goods manufacturers in their sales and marketing transformation for PricewaterhouseCoopers.