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Berylls Mad Media is a strategic sales and marketing advisory firm with an implementation mindset. We are data-driven marketing, customer experience and brand experts, sales and marketing organization specialists and data and tech architects.

We exist because the digitalization of the customer journey is transforming the traditional automotive retail model, creating opportunities for truly individual customer relationships through closer and more frequent interactions.

We help clients secure customer loyalty, increase market share and grow retail margins across all businesses, whether it is sales, aftersales, financial services or mobility offers.


Our tool for cementing long-term customer relationships is the Berylls Mad Media Infinity Loop. The Infinity Loop links end-to-end (E2E) data to marketing on the left Loop side and to the cross-channel customer journey along the sales funnel on the right Loop side.

The Loop illustrates our capabilities within the automobility sales and marketing space where we support our clients in realizing unique customer experiences to optimize conversion and profitability. The Berylls Mad Media offering perfectly fits in with the Berylls Group Loop that illustrates the customer journey on the one side and the value chain of circularity upstream on the other side.


Designing the customer journey from strategy to implementation

In an industry as competitive as automotive, every point of customer interaction can make the difference between converting a lead into a sale or missing the opportunity. Our tool for cementing long-term customer relationships is the Berylls Mad Media Infinity Loop and acts as a magnifying glass for the customer journey-side of the Berylls Loop.

The Infinity Loop links end-to-end (E2E) data to marketing on the left Loop side and to the cross-channel customer journey along the sales funnel on the right Loop side. The Loop combines our capabilities within the automobility sales and marketing space where we support our clients in realizing unique customer experiences to optimize conversion and profitability.




We design and shape resilient customer-first automotive organizations led by our data and impact-driven execution mindset – as your independent partner and advisor.

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Project Urgency
E-commerce in the automotive industry has been with us in various forms for more than 20 years – from lead generation machines in the used car sector to Tesla’s “5-Click” purchase journey. But for traditional OEMs the role of digital sales is still marginal. It is yet to unleash its full potential.

Project Approach
We were asked by a leading OEM to change this: from defining a customer-centric journey to turning digital sales into a significant share of total sales – all of this across various markets, touchpoints, and sales models both indirect and direct. By staffing an integrated team with various skillsets and experiences we were able to provide a single-sourced solution covering all relevant areas of the project.

Project Deliverable
To start, we developed a clear, customer-centric strategy and derived multiple customer journeys to create a target picture. Based on this target we defined the product portfolio and supported the requirement engineering for defining and designing a visual prototype. On finishing the development of the code artefacts we planned delivery and go-live dates matching the specific needs of different markets. To validate the sales journey with the end user, one of our teams analyzed customer behaviors and flows while identifying levers to drive traffic and conversion in all communication channels. We organized all these different work packages while connecting with a wide set of stakeholders in an overarching governance model. We provided a collaborative structure, while agile coaching, committees, reporting, and escalation paths boosted productivity, agility, and motivation across teams.


Project Urgency
As electric vehicles (EVs) take an increasing share of the mobility market, there is an emerging need to make charging an integral part of the customer experience. Companies need to recognize that the charging experience starts long before a vehicle pulls up to a charging station for the first time. It starts with researching EVs on OEM websites, watching YouTube videos and test-driving EVs.

Project Approach
We were asked by a major OEM to design an industry-leading charging customer journey. In our approach we closely followed the double diamond design process, which rigorously distinguishes between problem and solution. For the problem space, we considered current EV trends and upcoming EV launches by our client. We then defined four customer archetypes that each represents a set of charging-relevant characteristics, and identified two key variables – the level of experience with EVs and charging, and the willingness to deal with the technical details of charging.

Project Deliverable
For each customer archetype, we conducted a customer journey-mapping exercise. Based on today’s sales channel design, we identified charging-relevant touchpoints along the customer journey and assessed how happy the four archetypes would be with the current experience. From the difference between today’s experience and expectations for the future we derived “expectation gaps” for each touchpoint. We prioritized the most significant gaps and analyzed these in detail. Then we developed solutions for redesigning the customer journey around these touchpoints together with experts on customer interaction channels such as web, app, in-car, and retail.

Transformation Enablement

Project Urgency
Organizations and their employees go through different emotional phases during transformation. We often observe that there is resistance to transformation if central leadership does not act transparently and there are a lack of committed transformation champions. Teams are often overwhelmed with the complexity of new ways of working and new processes, especially if they do not understand the reasons for change and how they can benefit from it.

Project Approach
If clients find themselves in such a situation, we recommend setting up a holistic transformation enablement program for successful employee mobilization and enablement of their new workflows. Our proven program approach consists of four modules:

  • We first focus on building a solid foundation through careful as-is assessment. To this end, we define a specific assessment logic and methodology to conduct stakeholder analysis and check organizational team readiness. Based on the evaluation results, the next three modules are designed and then implemented in parallel.
  • We establish a communication strategy and roadmap to ensure continuous, transparent communication throughout the program, and training modules are designed and customized to meet the teams’ needs.
  • We roll out education in behavior change for both process and business.
  • Training continues in workshops designed to achieve operational transformation.

Project Deliverable
Our experience shows that transformation enablement is successful when transformation itself is integrated into daily operations, when leadership builds a sponsor network, and when dedicated organizational responsibility and resources are assigned to transformative activities. It is only when a shared transformation implementation is driven from within the organization that sustainable change is achieved.


Project Urgency
Mobile apps have become an integral part of everyday life. With app-based solutions for driving tasks such as navigation, maintenance, and charging now widely available, the automotive industry is no exception. However, this is still uncharted territory for many incumbent OEMs, who are keen to ensure their apps offer a unique and relevant value proposition to their customers.

Project Approach
A leading OEM asked us to revolutionize their app strategy to better respond to growing competition from third parties and new internal requirements. To increase customer retention rates while creating differentiating selling points, we established a common strategic framework that evolves user-centric features, services, and content simultaneously.

Project Deliverable
We conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis, reviewed and refined internal requirements, and evaluated external trends. In so doing, we identified premises and differentiators and proposed new focus topics. Finally, we developed an aligned target picture that included making selected in-car functions available exclusively through the app to ensure it maintained a high level of attractiveness.


Project Urgency
Many automotive OEMs plan their sales and marketing activities separately. This creates ambiguity when it comes to measuring the sales funnel’s contribution toward sales target achievement. Failure to link key sales performance indicators to the sales performance of individual models and the contribution made by specific marketing activities often results in failure to identify risks of sales targets being missed early enough to take appropriate countermeasures.

Project Approach
We developed and implemented a reverse marketing and sales funnel planning method that worked back from the sales targets. We also set up an active funnel management that cut across sales and marketing and developed a machine learning-enabled sales funnel prediction modelling that supports proactively steering sales and marketing activities and predictively re-calibrating sales and marketing ambition levels.

Project Deliverable
We connected marketing and sales planning through interlinked target-setting on a model and market basis. We complemented this with a predictive monitoring system that cuts across customer touchpoints to ensure that key performance indicators are clearly linked to the sales performance of individual models and the contribution made by specific sales and marketing activities. The system’s predictive capabilities now support the optimal allocation of sales and marketing funds and activities.


Project Urgency
By moving toward a digital customer experience, OEMs are radically overhauling their sales strategy. To maximize customer engagement and foster loyal fans, they aim to establish frequent customer interactions and build meaningful relationships. However, current communication channels and organizational structures often do not support this kind of community building.

Project Approach
We helped a major OEM develop a new community-based customer engagement strategy that is direct, personalized, evolving, and purposeful. By engaging existing and potential customers throughout the entire customer journey, we built a versatile community concept that evolves with the brand's objectives and adapts to different target groups. We conducted a customer survey in the UK with over 1,200 premium car buyers and intenders to gain a deep understanding of what they are looking for and how to actively engage them before and after a car purchase through a brand community.

Project Deliverable
We conducted a detailed cost analysis and delivered a comprehensive business case that demonstrated that a community could be more than a one-way investment – if orchestrated well, it can become a profit center of its own. We designed and set up an interconnected brand ecosystem, adaptable to market needs across first and third-party channels. We also developed a collaborative operating model between headquarters, markets, and community leads, encompassing roles, responsibilities, competencies, and stakeholder integration. Additionally, we provided recommendations on how to apply different interaction formats across the brand's worldwide markets.


We are Berylls Mad Media


Sascha Kurth

We create data-driven, constantly self-optimizing marketing organizations, consisting of people, data and technology that generate measurable success and happiness. Data-Driven Marketing, but different.


Maximilian Möller

Customer Experience doesn´t drive value unless it´s implemented. We create superior brand experiences while orchestrating all necessary backstage capabilities to deliver on the promised experiences. It´s about connecting people, data, and technolo…


Jonas Wagner

Controversial discussions, different perspectives and minds with character; all with a common goal - to master the transformation of the automotive industry!


Henry Lundt

Leveraging potentials in automobility is both super exciting and great fun when working together with berylls colleagues - so many different characters with unique expertise make a great team!


Christian Herr

Implementing strategy, bringing integrated campaigns to life, and creating unique brand experiences in the process - that's what drives me. The future is combining technology with marketing and market requirements, breaking through silos and familiar…


Philip Mews

We empower businesses to implement customer-centric strategies through the combination of data, technology and the right teams to create a holistic customer experience. We do that and much more - but different.

Senior Associate

Ilva Backs

For me, Berylls means helping to shape the transformation of the mobility industry, breaking new ground and creating unique customer experiences in a highly motivated and exceptional team.

Senior Associate

Philipp Purrucker

Customer needs are changing the automotive industry. This makes it all the more important to understand where the greatest pressure to change is. At BMM, we combine the key capabilities to successfully manage this transformation.

Senior Associate

Nikolas Schoenenwald

Every organization desires a great brand experience, but for every customer “great” means something different. Where others see an issue, we see potential. We create intimacy between organization and customers – hands-on, sustainable, and data-…

Senior Associate

Lukas Koch

When a team of smart automotive and mobility enthusiasts put their heads together and find solutions for the industry's most urgent questions, is when you realize you have found your tribe. At Berylls Mad Media, I can put my passion for automotive an…


Julian Krugmann

The automotive industry is facing its greatest transformation. In the entire process, individual customer needs must not be neglected. At Berylls Mad Media, the customers are the focus of all actions. Customer-centric, but different.


Henri Laux

One of the mobility industry’s major challenges is putting the customer at the centre of everything the organisations are doing. At Berylls Mad Media, we help key industry players achieving this mindset shift with an outcome-driven approach.


Yonnas Tesfamicael

For me, Berylls means working in a team with absolute experts on the most current and exciting topics in the automotive industry, actively helping to shape them and acting as a sparring partner for our clients at the same level.


Carlos Andrés Garcí…

At Berylls, we collaborate with our clients to create consistent, seamless and superior experiences in the automobility industry, across all channels. We focus on people, acting pragmatically, co-creatively and hands-on.


Nikolai Dausch

To shape the future and to let it become reality earlier - but different. In exciting projects, we achieve results through teamwork, whose concrete outputs become measurable, visible and tangible.


Lisa Schmidt

Working at Berylls means for me to know that I can't imagine a better working environment. Working with colleagues, managers and clients makes Berylls for me - but different.


Keshav Mishra

Joining Berylls means joining a community of innovators who are passionate about shaping the automotive sector. It's this shared motivation that inspires me to be a part of Berylls and contribute to best of my abilities.


Simon Feiner

For me, Berylls means working in a team full of experts who are dedicated to addressing challenges and solutions in the automotive industry. Drawing from diverse perspectives and deep knowledge, we drive innovation to shape the future of mobility. �…


Vanessa Irion

For me, working at Berylls Mad Media means shaping the transformation of the automotive industry together with marketing experts and automotive enthusiasts. An environment in which I can express my passion for marketing and automotive.


Stefanie Grenzner

For me, working at Berylls means being able to help shape various facets of tomorrow's mobility at the highest level and thus contributing to making a difference.


Diana Nehse-Kwiatkows…

Berylls Mad Media - questioning the seemingly given - rethinking the usual - taking a different path - convincing simply, "but different"!


Dennis Koschmieder

Orchestrating the data-driven transformation of the automotive industry in a team with highly motivated colleagues & customers and exploring new ways to achieve this. All with the goal of offering end customers a seamless, holistic CX - but different…


Wiktoria Bulka

For me, shaping the future of the automotive industry together with Berylls Mad Media means breaking out of old thought patterns and creating extraordinary customer experiences with the necessary dose of courage: digital, contemporary and successful …


Pia Wurst

There is a next in every industry – Working at Berylls means for me, having the opportunity to push the boundaries of what is possible in the next of the automotive industry and shaping the future together, “but different”! 

Assistant to Executive

Heike Gläser

I hope to help creating an environment where every member of the Berylls team is able to perform up to their fullest potential, drive pride and passion and has fun.
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