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Viable Solutions. But Different

Berylls Strategy Advisors is a top-management consulting firm focussed exclusively on the automobility sector. Our mission is to make automobility sustainable, practicable, scalable, and profitable. In short, future-proof. We are an experienced team of strategy consultants that covers the entire automotive value chain from long-term strategic planning to operational performance improvements.

We believe in always staying ahead of the curve and proactively pursuing thought leadership on emerging trends and topics before they become an issue for our clients, so that we can give them the most current, relevant, and informed advice. Our approach to addressing problems in a different way has earned us a roster of clients we are very proud of, including OEMs, suppliers, service companies, Big Tech companies, software providers and investors.

But whoever we work for one rule always applies: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Tasks may appear similar, but every problem requires a Different solution.




Sustainability and e-mobility represent the cutting edge of automobility. A business model that does not integrate environmental and social measures with commercial targets cannot be economically viable. Berylls has a long track record in making sustainability work both for our clients and in our own business ventures, for example with WALL-E – the first free-to-the-user e-mobility infrastructure initiative. 


Portfolio Strategy

To respond to the combined disruptive forces of digitalization, connectivity, and shared and e-mobility solutions, automotive OEMs along with suppliers, start-ups and service companies are radically redrawing their product portfolios. This is nowhere more evident than in the car itself. Berylls has helped automotive companies combine new product attributes, software-defined features, new ownership models and digital services into internally consistent portfolios that integrate physical products and digital services. 


Software & Architecture

To become a commercial reality, a portfolio must be translated into platforms, modules, components, manufacturing technologies and service offerings. Software is the glue that holds all these technologies together. Berylls has helped clients define products for a radically different future while as they transition from the hardware of today to the software-defined products of tomorrow.  



No product will ever reach its target customers if it is not developed, industrialized and manufactured on time, on quality and cost. Berylls has helped clients successfully launch new product lines, technologies and applications, developing new plants and assembly lines, and resolving bottlenecks, quality problems and production delays through task force engagements in high-stakes situations. We work from strategy to reality, and from the boardroom to the shopfloor. 


Future Sales

Where automotive retail used to be about selling, financing and servicing cars through a network of dealerships, this landscape is increasingly being disrupted by new direct sales models, new digital service offerings and the emergence of third-party intermediaries. No OEM today can thrive without a potent digital offering that seamlessly integrates physical formats. And the more an OEM is positioned toward luxury, the more important physical retail networks become. We have helped OEMs build full-service offerings around their online and offline retail presence while at the same time increasing their revenue share across the vehicle’s entire lifetime.  


M&A and Transactions

Mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships can be powerful enablers in gaining new skills or competencies, or accessing new markets and customers, or simply building scale. They help companies remain competitive or transform their business in the face of coming change. With our extensive track record in conducting partner and target searches, due diligences and post-merger integration programs, Berylls has helped many clients build powerful value networks around strategic partnerships or through equity investments and takeovers.



Developing new software-driven competencies and business models goes to the heart of what defines a business. Successfully executing such a business transformation holds the key to securing a company’s future. Berylls has helped many clients build fast, agile and effective organizations that are synchronized to their strategy, that have the right mix of culture and skills, and that are equipped to bring the complexity that comes with automobility under control.


Capital Markets

As few automotive companies can fund the massive investments needed for new products and new technologies from their operating cashflow alone, access to fresh capital is key. Some OEMs are restricted in their ability to raise capital through being undervalued. Others find financing but struggle to deliver their investors’ expectations. Addressing these problems requires an understanding of capital markets that goes beyond the fundamentals of revenue, profitability, and shareholder returns. This is why we at Berylls have developed our proprietary Automobility Index. The Index goes beyond the P&L fundamentals, evaluating company strategy, value networks and investor sentiment. Using our Index, Berylls helps clients to better understand investor expectations and develop investor stories that resonate with global capital markets. 


New Business

As the pace of innovation accelerates new trends can emerge rapidly. Some trends like Big Data, connectivity and blockchain have already become mainstream. Others such as AI-powered chatbots or the metaverse are only just on the horizon. Whether mainstream or emerging, at Berylls we have a long track record of helping clients translate emerging trends into actual products. We translate trends into specific requirements and specifications that enable organizations to develop relevant products and bring them to market. And if needed we use our own resources to develop, fund and build products around the most powerful mega trends.  



We are Berylls Strategy Advisors


Dr. Alexander Timmer

For me, first-class automotive consulting means passion for the product, a unique perspective on the challenges in the industry and working with a highly motivated team. All this comes together at Berylls - but different!


Thorsten Lips

Working with exceptional customers and colleagues on challenging tasks is my passion. Throughout my career, I have been driven by the desire to make a meaningful impact. Berylls is THE platform for me to do just that in the fascination automotive ind…


Peter Trögel

Delivering tangible and implementable solutions is what we do. BUT DIFFERENT. With excellence, passion, and curiosity.


Peter Eltze

Be able to develop a successful solution for the customer from different perspectives.


Christian Grimmelt

In order to solve with our clients, the current and upcoming challenges of the automotive industry – we have to think different, break new grounds, and be passionate. At Berylls this is in our DNA.


Dr. Ralf Walker

Berylls is more than just a consulting firm. We are a family. I love working together with our clients and teams to define the optimal solution and implement the needed changes. I stand for global, fast decisions & straightforward solutions.


Timo Kronen

As an absolute car guy and car enthusiast, my heart beats for the automotive industry. Being able to work on the hot topics of our industry fills me with pride and motivation. This is exactly what makes Berylls such a special fit for me - a team of p…


Christian Kaiser

After 25 years in various OEM & software companies, Berylls offers me the opportunity to drive the digital transformation as a trusted partner. Our team of global industry experts creates solutions with focus on our customers software challenges.


Jonas Wagner

Controversial discussions, different perspectives and minds with character; all with a common goal - to master the transformation of the automotive industry!


Christopher Ley

Berylls to me means successfully navigating our partners and customers from the automotive & mobility industry through the greatest transformation in history - but different. Jointly with a team that is outstanding on a professional & personal level.…


Paul Kummer

„But different“ in the sense of car-passion meets focus. Here, we shape the future of the automotive industry with professional excellence and a human touch. A win-win-win situation for our clients, the team and myself. That’s Berylls.


Fritz Metzger

Mastering mission critical Automotive challenges through solutions which have that certain something – hand in hand with our clients – together with a world class team of Berylls.


Heiko Weber

I live and love cars, mobility, speed, details, emotion, technology. I find all of this in the industry I've been at home in for over 20 years, in a highly concentrated and constantly evolving form. Just like at Berylls. Berylls is automobility!


Laura Kronen

At Berylls, we combine start-up spirit, experience, and passion for mobility in one team. The result? Impact, but different.

Associate Partner

Stefan Schneeberger

Innovative business models, disruptive technologies, and new market entrants are radically changing the structure of the automotive industry. What could be more fascinating than being part of this journey with the highly motivated team at Berylls?

Associate Partner

Peter Nuck

In addition to the technical expertise and the friendly work atmosphere, I felt from the very beginning that the entire Berylls team is passionate about the products and services of its customers. I am delighted to be part of this family and looking …

Associate Partner

Dr. Christopher Brüg…

Berylls brings together automobility enthusiasts with entrepreneurial spirit and strong demand of excellence. Working in this top-notch team and contributing to the transformation of the industry day by day makes me happy to be a Beryll.

Associate Partner

Theresa Stütz

Working at Berylls is very diverse for me: In addition to the exciting project work with our clients, you are encouraged early on to take on internal responsibility for topics that inspire us. This allows you to take an active role in helping to shap…

Associate Partner

Philipp Braun

I strive for projects which both challenge and inspire – Berylls allows for the optimal combination. The passion for automobility is in Berylls' DNA and teams have petrol and electricity running in their blood, which makes working here unique.

Associate Partner

Moritz Michalke

Berylls means for me: 100% passion to develop the best solutions hand in hand with our customers. Without any compromise we uncover new ways to co-create the future of the automotive industry.

Associate Partner

Sebastian Böswald

Berylls provides me with the opportunity to help lead the transformation of one of the key industries of our economy. It is a company built around like-minded people, bringing passion and joy to every aspect of my job.

Associate Partner

Philipp Stütz

The focus on the mobility industry is truly lived at Berylls. This leads to a high level of expertise in this area that is hard to beat.

Associate Partner

Dr. Frank Heines

We at Berylls believe in Automobility and have burning hearts to have an ultimate imprint on this transformation. Cutting edge know-how in Automobility AND Transformation Management is our undisputed asset that leads to exceptional results for our cl…

Associate Partner

Dr. Jürgen Simon

Working at BSA means working with the customer and excellent colleagues at eye level on the challenges that move the industry. There is always time to live the excellent team spirit!

Associate Partner

Sebastian Bräuer

The automotive industry is in the midst of the biggest transformation in 100 years. For me, Berylls combines everything to be part of the solution to this challenge. A highly motivated team of automotive experts, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Associate Partner

Philipp Enderle

BSA gives me the opportunity to further develop my own approaches in dialog with experts in order to bring about sustainable change for our customers. The trust our customers place in us and the successes in implementation drive me.

Associate Partner

Florian Tauschek

110% focus on automotive – nothing else! In doing so we at Berylls bring the expertise and necessary experience to navigate our clients sustainably successful through the biggest transformation of the car industry`s history. 

Associate Partner

Henning Ludes

But different is the enormous degree of trust to take on responsibility for one’s personal path and the co-creation of Berylls’ future. The passion, ingenuity, and spirit of each Beryll unite these colorful paths to one inspirational plattform.

Associate Partner

Hendryk Pausch

To me working at Berylls means to address the key questions and challenges of our time in an anticipatory and implementation-oriented way and to passionately shape the future of the automotive industry.


Tabea Peekel

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. Change begins and ends with you. For me Berylls represents change, we go with the time, together – but…

Project Manager

Alexander van Woudenb…

Working at BSA means working amid a team of highly motivated and genuinely curious automotive enthusiasts. We all share the passion for outstanding project work aimed at transforming the automotive industry. For our clients, for our society - but dif…

Project Manager

Philipp Neubauer

The automotive industry is facing unprecedented challenges. With its clear automotive focus, Berylls is the ideal consulting partner here, because Berylls combines the necessary know-how with an enormous, infectious passion for cars.

Project Manager

Cameron Gormley

I am passionate about the future of the automobility and Berylls provides a unique opportunity to help drive this transformation and be on the forefront of innovative solutions across the industry.

Project Manager

Paul-Alexander Bures

Be it the rumble of an engine during a cold start or the silence of cruising along in an EV - cars simply are fascinating. I’m honored to support our automotive clients in the pursuit of creating that feeling, especially during this disruptive era.

Project Manager

Benjamin Bierl

Being a Beryll enables me to combine my passion for cars and profession every day. This enthusiasm, which connects me with the entire team, enables us to actively shape the future of mobility - in line with our theme BUT DIFFERENT!

Project Manager

Felix Scheb

Working on the „hottest topics“ of the automotive industry with a team of highly motivated and brilliant people – that is what Berylls is all about!

Project Manager

Manuel Nuelle

At Berylls I can bring in my 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and as a start-up founder. Here are the top experts for organizational adaptations to handle technological shifts, changes in customer behavior and regulatory requirements…

Project Manager

Andreas Maihöfner

The automotive industry is still in the midst of its greatest transformation. At Berylls, I have the opportunity to create sustainable strategies and work with highly motivated, smart people to ensure the long-term success of our clients. 

Project Manager

Dr. Christina Granitz

Experiencing the vision – and turning the power into motion for our clients. With know-how and passion. To me, this is Berylls.

Project Manager

Sema Poyraz

Working together with the most inspiring colleagues and partners allows me to enrich my professional skills. At Berylls I have the chance to be the strategist I am and express my ideas that drive value and growth for our German and Chinese clients.

Project Manager

Steffen Hage

Mobility is our passion and part of the Berylls-DNA. With this passion, we shape the future of the automotive industry together with our customers. But different.

Project Manager

Timo Krall

Berylls, to me, is a high-carat team passionate about shaping the future of mobility in tandem with our clients and partners – but different, with empathy and a healthy sense for what truly matters.

Project Manager

Valentin Froh

As part of our Berylls family I am working on the major industry challenges in a pragmatic yet professional way – making impact and growing personally every day. This is made possible by our diverse team of highly motivated automotive enthusiasts.

Project Manager

Lukas Ripper

Genuine enthusiasm for the mobility industry as a whole, cars in particular, and "gasoline in the blood" - that's what makes us as a team. Berylls offers me the unique opportunity to combine my deep private interest in cars with a professional focus.…

Project Manager

Michael Dümig

At Berylls we are shaping the mobility of the future. At this, I have the opportunity to develop innovative business models together with our clients and a strong team of automotive enthusiasts to leave footprints within the whole industry.

Project Manager

Tobias Detzler

Mobility is a basic need. It will remain so in the future - but different! With BSA, I would like to help shape the future of this different mobility through customer-oriented project work and thus keep the world moving.

Senior Consultant

Timo Feldkamp

For me, Berylls means changing the automotive industry at its core, along the value chain, and taking clients with us on this journey. Berylls combines an experienced team with pure automotive passion and start-up character - but different.

Senior Consultant

Fabian Dinescu

For me, working in the Berylls team means being committed to excellence in all areas of the automotive industry "but different": Here I have the opportunity to turn my passion into a vocation and to work together with our clients on the industry's bi…

Senior Consultant

Gereon Heitmann

I am beyond excited to shape the future of the automotive industry and contribute to Berylls’ expansion in the United States.

Senior Consultant

Sven Zellner

At Berylls I am able to pursue my personal passion for the automobility and at the same time create sustainable and customer-oriented solutions for the current challenges of this industry in a highly motivated team of experts.

Senior Consultant

Timotheus Wittek

Working at Berylls means to develop customized and sustainable mobility solutions with out clients – in an environment characterized by enthusiasm for the industry and impressive team spirit. Consulting, but different.

Senior Consultant

Felix Günther

At Berylls, I am surrounded by people who work every day with enthusiasm and empathy to help our clients successfully shape the transformation of the mobility industry. This offers me unique growth opportunities.

Senior Consultant

Lukas Auchter

At Berylls, we are actively working on the transformation of the automotive industry. Unlike others, the topic of ""mobility"" is deeply anchored in the Berylls DNA. This enables me to shape the future of the industry as part of a group of true enthu…

Senior Consultant

Björn Simon

To me, Berylls means being able to integrate my passion for the automotive industry into my everyday work and together with other automotive enthusiasts actively help to shape exciting future topics of the industry.

Senior Consultant

Eren Duygun

With “gasoline and electricity in my blood“, I love and live mobility. At Berylls, I can pursue this passion and make a sustainable impact for the automotive future together with highly motivated like-minded colleagues and industry experts.


Thomas Scholz

Personal mobility services are an important element in our daily life. To make them sustainably attractive for costumers and companies in ecological and economic terms, we at Berylls work passionately on strategic solutions.


Rishab Harlalka

A dedicated focus on the rapidly evolving automotive industry makes Berylls a perfect stage to unleash my passion for the industry. Automobile fascination and passion of people at Berylls with innovative thinking and approach make it „but different…


Samuel Schramm

Berylls embodies the urge to shape and facilitate the transition to tomorrow's mobility, manifested by a team for which automotive passion and dedication to excellent results rule the game.


Moritz Nold

The combination of Berylls' strategic orientation and outstanding colleagues convinced me to join the company. I am filled with excitement and curiosity to work on the future of mobility.


Jan-Philipp Schneider

Berylls embraces the challenges of the automotive industry enthusiastically and turns them into opportunities. It's about pushing boundaries, creativity, and driving change. I'm excited to be part of a team shaping the future of automobility. 


Felix Riebel

One way or another, (auto)mobility affects all of us. By joining Berylls, I can work on the challenges of this traditional yet changing and innovative industry on a daily basis.


Christine Keller

Distinctive team spirit paired with individual enthusiasm for the automotive industry unites the Berylls members and offers the opportunity to transform the mobility sector together with our customers sustainably.


Felix Sperl

At Berylls, we work on the most important issues and problems facing the automotive industry. Our 100% focus on the automotive sector, decades of expertise and unparalleled enthusiasm for the automotive industry set us apart.


Yalun Li

Realizing the future of smart and electric mobility is the vision, to which I dedicate, day for day and step by step. The creation of innovative and “but different” mobility solutions, as well as industrializing the ideas, are valuable approaches…


Jakob Rüchardt

Berylls is bursting with passion for mobility. Here, I can work on the industry's biggest challenges with a highly enthusiastic team that is actively shaping the future of mobility. This is what makes Berylls "but different" for me.


Hendrik Honert

Berylls is "but different" because we not only have expertise but also passion and commitment. We are consultants, visionaries, and innovators leading the automotive industry towards an exciting future.


Steffan Lemke

Berylls offers me the opportunity to combine my passion for mobility with a fast learning curve through a unique feedback culture like no other consultancy.


Jakob Gabriel

Inspiring people, passion for mobility, exciting challenges – Berylls provides me with the opportunity to work on the hottest topics and to shape the transformation of the industry. But different.


Florian Müller

Deeply passionate for top results.

Executive Partner

Dr. Jan Dannenberg

As a management consultant, I am driven by curiosity, the permanent urge to learn and applying experience to my customers.

Office Manager

Sarah Knapp

At Berylls, I am able to develop myself and take on personal responsibility. In cooperation with our team and the clients, we deal with the most important and latest topics in the automotive industry.

Partner Asisstant

Martina Seip

For me “but different” means finding innovative ways and breaking existing boundaries in order to create sustainable and long-term solutions in everyday work through digitalization, a 360° approach, and unconventional thinking.


Alla Birschel

What excites me are the dedicated individuals who passionately collaborate with a strong team spirit and uphold high-quality standards. Their collective efforts make it a truly inspiring and rewarding environment to be a part of.

Partner Assistant

Ornella Sblendorio

As an employee of an innovative company in an exciting industry, I will accompany and experience change. Berylls means future for me.

Executive Partner

Andreas Radics

Those who are willing to invest their own money in a distressed case do not take on a project assignment, but responsibility for the overall result - another point that makes Berylls "but different"!


Dr. Jan Burgard

I will never forget the moment when the first digital product brought a PowerPoint concept to life. I never want to miss that feeling again. In the meantime, we have taken another step: we no longer just develop on behalf of customers, but we develop…

Partner & MD (KOR)

Michael Bang

Working at Berylls means to work with the best industry experts and always have to explore most important and latest topics in automotive industry. Berylls creates unparalleled impacts on clients from its focus on automobility.

Associate Partner & MD (CH)

Dr. Oliver Weis

Unique people, great projects, true passion.

Associate Partner & MD (CN)

Willy Wang

Working for Berylls means independence: creating things fast which are slow elsewhere, making decision which needs long lead time elsewhere und personal development, which are impossible elsewhere

Partner & MD (UK)

Arthur Kipferler

With over 25 years in the auto industry, half as a consultant, half in OEM roles, Berylls Strategy Advisors is THE firm where I can bring all of my experience to the table and still learn something new every day – in the great company of like-minde…

Partner Assistent

Regina Schöllhammer

I am passionate about making a difference as a team. With a young, dynamic, and future-oriented company like Berylls, I am excited to restart after my parental leave and to face new challenges.

Associate Partner & MD (US)

Martin French

Being a “Beryll” you quickly realise what an extraordinary innovative enterprise it is and how everyone is always thinking of how to execute in that But.Different way. There is awe-inspiring energy in the company and a lot of diversity in experi…


Andreas Oesinghaus

To work for Berylls Strategy Advisors for me means being able to pursue our shared obsession for automobiles & mobility in an ambitious and passionate team and to actively shape the future of mobility.
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