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Our vision

Taking our Clients' problems personally

Berylls is where Different is spelled with a capital "D". We cover all aspects of the automobility value chain and have the capabilities to take things all the way to the finish line for our clients and for ourselves. 

In this we are motivated by our unrelenting drive to find a solution for our clients and our industry and not stop until it is up and running. That’s our vision and our ambition.

Many customers say that we take their problems "personally". And we wouldn’t have it any other way.



The Berylls Group comprises 5 entities because different competencies demand a certain degree of freedom, individuality and autonomy to attract the right people.

Our entities act as seedbeds for developing a cutting-edge and in-depth expertise. It is the combination these varied fields of expertise into one integrated offering that makes us Different.



We consider ourselves a part of the global automobility industry, and we evolve our own business model to meet our customers’ changing needs.

The Berylls Quintet answers our ambition to offer solutions to aid in the automobility industry’s transformation toward a more sustainable, electric, and digital future. 

The Berylls Quintet is where we are today. It has itself evolved over time and will surely evolve even further in the future.

our story


Anyone active in the automobility industry today must serve all regions, must constantly adapt, and must actively take risks. That takes hard work, courage and a proactive mindset.

The Beginning

We started Berylls Strategy Advisors in 2011 when the after-effects of the 2008 financial crisis could still be felt and when there was absolutely no reason to believe that the world needed yet another consulting firm. That didn’t stop us.


The Berylls USP

Being faced with a plethora of new topics, automotive clients demanded detailed subject-matter expertise and above all seniority. This we delivered with smaller, more senior teams supported by a select network of strategic partners.


The Track Record

With our unique approach we quickly won several milestone projects. Soon we had acquired an enviable roster of client and were surprised at the tasks they entrusted us with.


Global Presence

The ability to roll out global strategies locally across all key automotive regions being key, we opened offices in Detroit and Shanghai in 2012 and 2014. Others in London, Beijing, Zurich, Seoul and Vienna soon followed.


Hidden Champion

In 2015 we won our first Hidden Champion award. Because the award is based on client feedback this was a huge encouragement and a sign that we were on the right track. To date we have been named the automotive industry’s Hidden Champion five times. Besides 2015, we won in 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022.


Never let good ideas go to waste

In 2017 we realized that future sales required new digital products. And because we were no longer satisfied with seeing good ideas end up in the bin, we decided to roll them out ourselves. This became the founding moment for Berylls Digital Ventures.



From automotive backwater to hub of digital innovation and seedbed for new luxury offerings, over the past three decades no single region has had the transformative impact on the automobility world that China has. Our presence in this market has been key in shaping and refining our entrepreneurial mindset.



Having worked for private equity clients for decades, in 2020 we finally decided to become equity investors ourselves. At the height of the global Covid-19 pandemic newly-founded Berylls Equity Partners acquired the Group’s first portfolio company.


Upstream disruptions

Our early successes were mostly in downstream topics. But we knew that e-mobility and digitalization would have the biggest impact upstream by causing cost and quality problems and delaying new product and technology launches. We therefore actively set out to recruit a world-class team to strengthen our expertise in precisely those areas.


Digital sales implementation

Many future sales initiatives have failed because the automotive company did not implement them holistically. Since this meant that the concepts and initiatives we developed for our clients were bound to fail too, we needed to dive deeper into the implementation of new data-driven marketing and sales models. With Berylls Mad Media we built a dedicated operating model that constantly optimizes how automobility brands and products interact with their customers.


Carbon neutrality

Our engagement with capital markets convinced us early on that sustainability and economic viability were not mutually exclusive. But we also knew that sustainability needed to be conceived in broader terms than merely achieving carbon neutrality. We want to achieve net carbon negative and make money with it at the same time.


The Berylls Quintet

We focus exclusively on the automobility sector. This has allowed us to develop deep expertise and attract the right talent. But given the massive uncertainties confronting the automobility industry today this strategy is not without risk. That’s why we cover downstream and upstream topics as well as all key automotive regions. And by offering consulting services and digital products in addition to acting as investors and product originators, we don’t wait for clients to come to us to develop cutting-edge ideas and products.



The Berylls Quintet seems to answer many of our industry’s most pressing questions. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way forever. We started out as consultants, but we have since grown beyond consulting, motivated by our unrelenting drive to serve our clients and the industry that we consider ourselves a part of.


Berylls Quintet

Automobility-focussed and solution-driven

The Berylls Group unites expertise in strategy consulting, data-driven marketing transformation, venture building and equity investing. We focus exclusively on what we call the global automobility sector – because we believe that today’s automotive industry is about much more than the manufacturing and selling of cars.

Across the five entities that comprise the Berylls Group we cover all aspect of the automobility value chain and we have the capabilities to take things all the way to the finish line – for our clients and for ourselves. We call this service offering the Berylls Quintet. It reflects our unrelenting drive to find a solution and not stop until results are visible and tangible.

Strategy Advisors
Mad Media
Digital Ventures
Green Mobility
Equity Partners
Berylls Strategy Advisors is a top-management consulting firm focused exclusively on the automobility sector. We cover the entire automotive value chain from long-term strategic planning to operational performance improvements. Our clients value us as thought leaders in our industry and as entrepreneurial thinkers who don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.
Strategy Advisors
Berylls Strategy Advisors is a top-management consulting firm focused exclusively on the automobility sector. We cover the entire automotive value chain from long-term strategic planning to operational performance improvements. Our clients value us as thought leaders in our industry and as entrepreneurial thinkers who don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.
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Mad Media
Berylls Mad Media is a strategic sales and marketing advisory firm with an implementation mindset. We exist because the digitalization of the customer journey is transforming the traditional automotive retail model. Our mission is to help clients build truly individual customer relationships through closer and more frequent interactions.
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Digital Ventures
Berylls Digital Ventures is a digital product development and venturing firm. We help our clients in the automobility industry turn ideas and strategies into real-world ventures. We also invest in promising start-ups, and we bring our digital solutions to market and deliver them ready-to-use for our clients.
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Green Mobility
Berylls Green Mobility is a venturing firm that builds new businesses around green and sustainable technology. We believe that sustainability will deliver competitive advantages in the real world. Our mission is to build ventures that deliver products and services that make automobility sustainable.
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Equity Partners
Berylls Equity Partners is a private equity firm investing in automotive companies in turnaround situations. We acquire automobility companies with value potential, and we give them a long-term strategic direction. As an active investor, we contribute capital, know-how, people power and our extensive industry network.
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Our awards

Public recognition for our work
We value what our clients think of us above all else and feel honoured by the public recognition we have receive for our work over the years.

Customer Testimonials

What our customers say about us

I still remember our first meeting when you started with Berylls 11 years ago. Unknown in the consulting space, but expertise and enthusiasm. Good job!

Director Strategy, OEM

Compared to other top management consulting firms, Berylls really sent us consultants who know their business!

International Premium OEM

Berylls is different. Agile, fresh, innovative and strong on implementation. They’re great fun to work with.

Managing Partner, Financial Investor

Berylls lives for me through the Berylls culture, through heart and soul and love for the topic of mobility/automotive. Keep that up, even as the team grows! Berylls' commitment far exceeds our expectations... and is extremely contagious.

Head of Sales, OEM

Berylls' commitment far exceeds our expectations... and it is extremely contagious. –  CEO, Start-up 

CEO, Start-up

The path Berylls has chosen is absolutely the right one. Keep up your ambition to improve constantly, because when you stop improving, you stop being good.

Managing Director, Volume OEM

Continue as before – clear opinions and independence. Working together is top-notch professionally and fun personally.

Head of Business Development, Mobility Service Provider

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