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    Experience shows that success usually turns out Different to what was originally planned. Ten years ago, after we – the founders of Berylls – had already collected broadly based experience in various large, international business consulting firms and in the industry, we made the decision to found our own company. A company in which Different is writ large. And to judge from the awards we have received in the past years, it appears our decision was the right one. We place more value, however, on the opinion of our customers than on awards. And usually their assessment is: “Berylls is Different”.


    Nobody can predict how the future of mobility will really look or which technologies will assert themselves and last in the long term. But one thing is certain: it will be and will have to be Different to anything we’ve seen so far. Different with a capital “D”.



    The last ten years have clearly shown that, alongside differentiating concepts, the implementation is playing an increasingly important role. There are too many themes in the largest transformation of the automobile industry to be dealt with in parallel, too much depends on the success of the initiatives – now more than ever, failure is not an option. We always responded very early to this market necessity and built up specific units with the necessary skills. Our “think tank”, Berylls Strategy Advisors, forms the core of this. This is the source of the necessary know-how to conceive and implement data-intensive products and approaches at Digital Ventures and Mad Media. Due to our deep understanding of the changes in the industry, we also trust ourselves to acquire suppliers who are in difficulties and put them back on the right track. We engage in our projects increasingly at our own risk. This is what entrepreneurship means to us.



    It always sounds good to have the right skills on board and to bundle these in manageable units. The real potential only unfolds, however, with the maximum integration. We also know this from our customers. We always place the problem to be solved at the front, and then “build” the right teams from different units and regions. In doing this we take account of the entire process. Until the problem is solved and the solution implemented. Until it is finished. End-2-End.


    Many customers have said that we take their problems personally, and that should never change. Under any circumstances.





    We are not the best in every theme area of a problem, but we form with our cooperation partners the best team for your specific challenge. Promise. Here a few examples of our partners. Click on a partner to identify his special expertise and thus your competence gain.

    Slide Fraunhofer IAIS is one of the leading institutions for applied science in the field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Decades of experience across various industries and profound knowledge of the latest research methods make Fraunhofer IAIS the ideal cooperation partner for Berylls. The data scientists and IT specialists are experts when it comes to projects with large amounts of data. No matter if data mining, modelling or analysis of data through machine learning is concerned. Together with Fraunhofer IAIS we use innovative analytics to create tailor-made and sustainable big data strategies and products that support our clients on their journey to become ‘data-driven’ companies. FRAUNHOFER INSTITUTE FOR INTELLIGENT ANALYSIS AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS (IAIS) Slide

    The specialists at SBN Data Technologies realize innovative, reliable and professional knowledge-based software systems. Like Berylls, SBN Data Technologies does not create standard products, but focuses on customized solutions. SBN supports their customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their software systems – from requirements analysis to development and operation. These capabilities make SBN the preferred implementation partner for sophisticated Berylls software solutions. For several years now, both companies have been working closely together in agile software development for various customers in the automotive industry.

    Slide SMAL is Berylls’ preferred cooperation partner for creative implementation, design and coding of digital products. Together with Berylls, SMAL experts develop concepts, MVPs, frontends, videos and all other visual components of digital products. SMAL is involved in many Berylls projects as a creative partner to ensure the perfect balance of creativity, aesthetics and intuitive usability within any user experience. As a result, Berylls and SMAL create irresistible digital touchpoints for our customers across a wide variety of devices and frontends. SMAL Slide Founded in 2016, XU Group understands itself as an education incubator delivering educational solutions for our digital age through innovative learning formats. Thereby, XU focuses on sustainable professional qualifications and trainings 4.0 (upskilling and reskilling) for the digital transformation of the economy. To this end, the XU team additionally draws on a comprehensive partner network of more than 2,000 experts from industry, digital economy, start-ups, research, development, technology and education. Customers of the XU Group areamong others Allianz, Airbus, Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Post DHL, Grohe, HDI, Otto Group, Postbank, Volkswagen and Vorwerk. XU and its educational programs have been AZAV-certified by TÜV Nord since 2020. Together with the publishing group Klett, XU is co-initiator of XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany's first university focusing on digitization and new technologies. Digital future for Everyone - with XU Slide We are an international market research company conducting research in over 40 countries with passion and enthusiasm. We deliver tailor-made solutions for all your research needs. People and their motives in terms of market relevant behavior across cultural borders, are our focal point. Personal service, commitment, flexibility, sustainability and expertise are more important to us than just standard solutions. Take our word for it!

    Passionate People.
    Creative Solutions.
    Slide LOOPING GROUP represent a new breed of companies embracing digital, data analytics, and content to help brands succeed in today’s always-on consumer-led editorial society. We are an independent, tech-enabled comms agency built from the ground up for today’s marketing requirements. In this world, attention has become extremely scarce. To win attention, brands must now combine the art and science of storytelling. We put this at the heart of our product and service offering, uniquely combining the two to create content that commands attention, engages customers, and drives tangible business results. Founded just four years ago by journalists, creatives and producers, we have already established ourselves as a leader in data-driven storytelling, working with an impressive roster of brands including Mercedes-Benz, Allianz, Deutsche Telekom, Sooner, and the Human Vaccines Project. Our team consists of over 120 multi-skilled staff split between offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and London. LOOPING GROUP Slide The Drivery opened in March 2019 as a marketplace for mobility innovators to provide the modern infrastructure needed for rapid innovation and as a meeting place for the European mobility community. Now, The Drivery is home to over 120 companies focused entirely on mobility within the European tech ecosystem. Located in Berlin with a space of over 10,000 m² (and growing), The Drivery includes high-tech prototyping maker garages, a GPU farm that provides excessive processing power for AI development, coworking, office and event spaces. In partnership with Berylls The Drivery started the Startup Excellence Program. The goal of this program is to enable you as members of The Drivery to boost your potential, service/product offering or your entire startup. From the update of a business case, via discussions with an industry sounding board, to fine-tuning the next pitch presentation and (almost) everything in between. DRIVERY Slide Anacode uses Big Data and AI to create transparency in complex markets. Global, innovative companies are optimally supported by us in developing their strategy and creating sustainable competitive advantages. ANACODE Slide Linden Capital is a Venture Capital firm focused on investing at early stages in emerging digital solutions that operate at the intersection of technology, engineering, and creativity.
    Linden Capital targets smart people solving difficult problems. We believe that the real relevance of an idea stems from its quality and originality – combined with clear focus and determination to take it to a next level of significance. We combine technology and business model expertise with a global network of entrepreneurs, a broad range of industry experts, and advanced research institutes. We understand corporate innovation, are close to the German Mittelstand, and work with family offices and other peers to spark a next generation of entrepreneurs that drive the paradigm shift in industry and society.
    Linden Capital
    Slide The LeanVal Group provides fundamental research, asset management and digital platforms for research, reporting, investment concepts and portfolio management to institutional and semi-institutional clients. The team is guided by the conviction that the best possible service for investors should be provided by a specialist in the respective client group. Personally and with the support of an efficient digital platform. The LeanVal Group analyses and invests for its clients in particular in companies that operate sustainably, transparently and add value. The management has many years of in-depth industry experience and combines this with its academic background to create scientifically validated analysis and investment processes. LeanVal Invest GmbH Slide MediaMonks is a new kind of marketing service provider. Our quartet of digital media, creative content, production at scale and technology in a global value chain is used by brands like BMW & MINI, Netflix, UBER and Amazon. MediaMonks Slide CPC is the leading German-based Change Management consultancy with branch offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Since 2011, CPC has been active in China consulting global corporations as well as medium-sized companies in driving impactful transformation. In an environment, as fast moving as the Chinese market, managing change becomes crucial for success. CPC is an expert in change management, supporting many large scale international companies. CPC combines German effectiveness with Chinese agility into innovative concepts. Furthermore, CPC works for, but most importantly with the client. CPC





    Executive Partner & Shareholder



    Executive Partner & Shareholder



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