Sustainability has gone from being a buzzword to becoming one of the biggest challenges facing the automotive industry. Rising climate risks, stricter regulation, growing investor expectations, and greater demand for low-emission mobility solutions are all increasing the pressure, and all require innovative solutions.

The time for lighthouse projects and greenwashing is over. Today, automotive companies need holistic solutions along the entire value chain, from product creation and supply-chain design to the utilization phase of mobility solutions and the reuse and recycling of components.

We don't simply help our customers find their way to sustainable, green mobility; we want to inspire the automotive industry to reach a new level of understanding of what is possible by moving sustainability to the very top of our clients’ automotive agenda.



At Berylls, our mission is to create a sustainable future for the automotive industry. For us this means considering the entire upstream and downstream value chain and the impact each stage of a vehicle’s life cycle has on people and the planet – as well as on the bottom line.

We call our approach to understanding and executing sustainability end-to-end the Berylls Loop. It is at the heart of all our work with clients and covers the entire automotive value chain. This starts with customer demand and sustainability targets and runs all the way through production and sales to the recycling of materials at the end of a vehicle’s life.

The Berylls Loop is as much about us as about our clients. We use it to embed sustainability in every unit of our group of companies.

Service Offering

Delivering sustainability end-to-end

The Berylls suite of sustainability services covers the entire automotive value chain end-to-end. This way we can fully ensure that sustainability doesn’t remain a lighthouse project but informs every aspect of our clients’ automotive agenda. 


Sustainability strategy and target picture
Sustainability principles are reshaping the entire automotive industry. Sustainability is everywhere and rapidly evolving. We support our clients in defining what sustainability really means for them now and in the future, and how to integrate sustainability into the core of their businesses.
Sustainable technology and business models

We identify, validate, and realize the commercial and sustainability potential of ideas, technologies, and business models. To accelerate go-to-market approaches, we build and implement new digital products and business models for our clients, and partner with the most promising start-ups in the automobility industry.

Our offering includes:

  • Identification and validation of sustainable technologies and business models
  • Development, launch and scaling of new digital products and solutions
  • Building sustainable ventures and businesses
  • Implementation of sustainable technologies and business models
  • Investor story and business development support for sustainability start-ups
  • Sustainability start-up investments
Sustainable Operations

We support our clients to become leaders in circular value streams – from development and sourcing through to manufacturing and the total product life cycle. We help clients go beyond fulfilling ever-stricter regulatory requirements: we help them define and shape future customer demands for multidimensional sustainability.

Our offering includes:

  • Sustainable manufacturing strategy (production/plant)
  • Circular economy from product design to sourcing (recycling, remanufacturing and reuse)
  • Battery Re-x strategy
  • Circular data platform
  • Sustainability assessment at suppliers
  • Sustainable supply-chain strategy
Sustainable customer experience, sales and after sales

We help companies transform into sustainable and data-driven sales and marketing organizations, with a consistent focus on the end-customer journey. We define target pictures and create "wow" experiences that make sustainability tangible for the end customer.

Our offering includes:

  • Analysis and assessment of the sustainable customer experience
  • Definition of sustainable customer segments, journeys and strategic target picture
  • Development of sustainable use cases along the entire customer journey
  • Creation of “wow” moments for sustainable customer experience
  • Control, activation, and optimization of the entire customer journey
  • Setting up holistic and data-driven processes and IT architecture for a sustainable customer experience
Sustainable transactions

ESG and sustainability criteria increasingly dominate financial investors’ target profiles, while regulators are tightening ESG transparency and action guidelines. The Berylls Strategy Advisors transaction team blends M&A expertise with longstanding automotive experience and unparalleled ESG insights.

Our offering includes:

  • ESG Due Diligence: we execute in-depth due diligence reviews on promising investments by combining unrivalled mobility sector expertise with ESG and sustainability know-how
  • ESG Value Creation Programs: we identify and implement value-creation measures to profit from ESG and sustainability opportunities, capture value on both the top and bottom line, and fine-tune exit attractiveness
Capital Markets

We approach sustainability with an investor mindset. Our proprietary scoring methodology helps to assess both potential exposure to challenges and the impact of the sustainability efforts of automobility companies worldwide. We help our clients to identify needs for action, to define better capital markets and investor stories, and to react to public sentiment on sustainability issues.



We believe that we can only be a credible partner to our clients if we align our own behavior, our organization and our culture with the principles of sustainability, letting those principles drive our decision-making. Sustainability starts on our own doorstep, this means that we ensure that whatever we do, we always engage positively with our society and our environment.

Carbon footprint reduction is an enormous challenge for many OEMs and suppliers and, as consultants and partners, we do not exclude ourselves from that challenge. Accordingly, we have set ourselves a science-based emission-reduction target in line with the goal to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

We believe we have a responsibility as thought leaders to commit ourselves to do not what is easy but what is necessary. That is why we have taken an ambitious path to reduce our own environmental footprint.




Peter Trögel

Delivering tangible and implementable solutions is what we do. BUT DIFFERENT. With excellence, passion, and curiosity.

Associate Partner

Philipp Enderle

BSA gives me the opportunity to further develop my own approaches in dialog with experts in order to bring about sustainable change for our customers. The trust our customers place in us and the successes in implementation drive me.

Project Manager

Michael Dümig

At Berylls we are shaping the mobility of the future. At this, I have the opportunity to develop innovative business models together with our clients and a strong team of automotive enthusiasts to leave footprints within the whole industry.

Project Manager

Tobias Detzler

Mobility is a basic need. It will remain so in the future - but different! With BSA, I would like to help shape the future of this different mobility through customer-oriented project work and thus keep the world moving.

Senior Consultant

Felix Günther

At Berylls, I am surrounded by people who work every day with enthusiasm and empathy to help our clients successfully shape the transformation of the mobility industry. This offers me unique growth opportunities.


Florian Müller

Deeply passionate for top results.


Timo Littke

Our world needs new solutions for the mobility of the future. Digital innovations will play a key role in this. At Berylls, people come together who have the mindset, the know-how and the drive to shape these changes.

Senior Associate

Philipp Purrucker

Customer needs are changing the automotive industry. This makes it all the more important to understand where the greatest pressure to change is. At BMM, we combine the key capabilities to successfully manage this transformation.


Dr. Jan Burgard

I will never forget the moment when the first digital product brought a PowerPoint concept to life. I never want to miss that feeling again. In the meantime, we have taken another step: we no longer just develop on behalf of customers, but we develop…

Associate Partner & MD (CN)

Willy Wang

Working for Berylls means independence: creating things fast which are slow elsewhere, making decision which needs long lead time elsewhere und personal development, which are impossible elsewhere

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