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No product will ever reach its target customers if it is not developed, industrialized and manufactured on time, on quality and on cost. Operations is where culture and process are put to the test, where successful automotive companies cut through the noise, manage complexity, involve their employees, and deliver on sustainability.  

We understand the pressures: new development processes, new manufacturing technologies, and better use of data are all needed to create robust yet flexible processes across the entire supply chain.  

We understand that customer experience is critical. The customer cares about sustainability in operations as never before, while also demanding shorter time-to-market and greater individualization.  

Service offering

Seven paths for change

At Berylls we support our clients in addressing all these challenges with our uniquely configured team.  
From strategy to real life. From the shop floor to the boardroom. From initiation to delivery.  

Safe launches and task forces

Getting from conception through development and industrialization to final product launch is becoming so much tougher. We help clients keep new technology products on track, on target, and on time.

The electric vehicle revolution will not wait. We support our automotive clients to transform at speed in the face of legacy headwinds, novel technologies, and new supplier relationships. All these challenges have the potential to disrupt upcoming product launches, at a financial and reputational cost. So we reconfigure our clients’ organizations and their processes to meet these new technology challenges and to launch new products on the day – not later.

Our offering includes:

  • Task-force management, reactive and preventative
  • Production relocation and duplication
  • Automotive newcomer qualification
  • Data-driven launch steering
  • elyvate software for successful launches with digital KPI and metrics tracking
excellence in production

Production is a key value driver for any manufacturing company. We help clients understand the value stream in complex, changing operational settings.
Achieving operational excellence in all areas is a complex challenge that often requires multi-dimensional solutions. We jointly optimize process and structure to efficiently utilize assets along the value stream – from sales through planning to production.

Our offering includes:

  • Production network strategy
  • Holistic operations management system for single production lines or entire production networks
  • Flexibility assessments of production networks
  • Data-driven planning and supply-chain optimization
  • Predictive maintenance and quality control
  • Operational excellence across all indirect functions
supply-chain robustness and flexibility

Supply-chain design is a critical challenge for OEMs and suppliers alike. We help question, evaluate, and rebuild.

We help clients evaluate insourcing or near-shoring strategies for resilience in an uncertain world. We help clients enhance risk detection and put active mitigation and prevention strategies in place. We help automotive leaders develop broader and earlier indications of disruption than standard operating procedures typically deliver.

Our offering includes:

  • Supplier footprint strategy
  • Total cost-oriented business-case evaluation
  • Resilient sourcing strategy
  • Supply-chain risk analysis and management
  • 360° supplier assessment
  • Holistic supplier selection and supplier nomination support
Sustainable operations

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles are already shaping the entire production chain. But the ESG story is live and going through a rapid evolution.

We support our clients to become leaders in circular value streams – from development and sourcing, through manufacturing and total product lifecycle. We help clients go beyond fulfilling ever-stricter regulatory requirements: we help them define and shape future customer demands for multi-dimensional sustainability.

Our offering includes:

  • Sustainable manufacturing strategy (production and plants)
  • Circular economy from product design to sourcing (recycling, remanufacturing, and reuse)
  • Circular data platform
  • Sustainability assessment at suppliers
  • Sustainable supply-chain strategy
operations transformation

People and technology create the engine of operational transformation. We give organizational support to clients to make the transformation engine deliver.

We strengthen workforce skills, agile organizational structures, and flexible working models to master new critical technologies while meeting efficiency demands that intensify year in, year out. We help clients attract and retain those skills, reshaping the work environment where needed, building the capacity to integrate development, production, and supply chain in the operational model of the future.

Our offering includes:

  • Culture check and culture program in operations
  • Workforce qualification check
  • Learning concepts and platform
  • Future workforce requirements and transformation
  • Process-oriented reorganization
Data-driven operations

When the only constants are change and uncertainty, actionable data is your life insurance. We help clients bring structure and meaning to present and future data resources.

Data is a key enabler for supply-chain resilience and flexibility, control of production quality, and alignment of production output with customer demands. To master the challenges, we enable our clients with overarching data platform strategies, allowing cross-functional data intelligence. We make the data speak.

Our offering includes:

  • Production data strategy target picture
  • Production data strategy roadmaps
  • Data use-case identification
  • Data strategy review / assessment
  • Integration of customer data to facilitate production planning
excellence in development

Production and product do not stem from the same root word by chance. Production and supply chain can only be as good as the product they are supposed to produce. Efficiency, sustainability, robustness, and flexibility must be inherent in the developed vehicle.

That is why we support our customers right from the very first definition of the product portfolio and its defining characteristics. With a clear view of what the market needs and what can be produced efficiently, we define the products of the future together with our customers.

Our offering includes:

  • Vehicle platform definition
  • Business-case calculation and decision preparation
  • Platform strategy
  • Operational excellence in development processes
  • Holistic data integration across development, production, and sales



Elyvate plans

Use elyvate to set clear work package objectives, KPIs, and responsibilities. Connect top-down management targets with bottom-up performance.

Elyvate reports

Standardize and align reporting to task-force standard. Use elyvate for total transparency on target fulfillment.

Elyvate monitors

Implement elyvate for real-time updates across all workstreams. Track real-world impacts and rolling forecasts.

Elyvate acts

Deploy elyvate on day zero to kickstart collaboration. Execute action-oriented measures with locked deadlines and impact visibility.


Elyvate plans

Use elyvate to set clear work package objectives, KPIs, and responsibilities. Connect top-down management targets with bottom-up performance.

Elyvate reports

Standardize and align reporting to task-force standard. Use elyvate for total transparency on target fulfillment.

Elyvate monitors

Implement elyvate for real-time updates across all workstreams. Track real-world impacts and rolling forecasts.

Elyvate acts

Deploy elyvate on day zero to kickstart collaboration. Execute action-oriented measures with locked deadlines and impact visibility.


We are operations @Berylls


Dr. Alexander Timmer

For me, first-class automotive consulting means passion for the product, a unique perspective on the challenges in the industry and working with a highly motivated team. All this comes together at Berylls - but different!


Christian Grimmelt

In order to solve with our clients, the current and upcoming challenges of the automotive industry – we have to think different, break new grounds, and be passionate. At Berylls this is in our DNA.


Dr. Ralf Walker

Berylls is more than just a consulting firm. We are a family. I love working together with our clients and teams to define the optimal solution and implement the needed changes. I stand for global, fast decisions & straightforward solutions.


Timo Kronen

As an absolute car guy and car enthusiast, my heart beats for the automotive industry. Being able to work on the hot topics of our industry fills me with pride and motivation. This is exactly what makes Berylls such a special fit for me - a team of p…


Fritz Metzger

Mastering mission critical Automotive challenges through solutions which have that certain something – hand in hand with our clients – together with a world class team of Berylls.


Heiko Weber

I live and love cars, mobility, speed, details, emotion, technology. I find all of this in the industry I've been at home in for over 20 years, in a highly concentrated and constantly evolving form. Just like at Berylls. Berylls is automobility!

Associate Partner

Peter Trögel

Delivering tangible and implementable solutions is what we do. BUT DIFFERENT. With excellence, passion, and curiosity.

Associate Partner

Moritz Michalke

Berylls means for me: 100% passion to develop the best solutions hand in hand with our customers. Without any compromise we uncover new ways to co-create the future of the automotive industry.

Associate Partner

Sebastian Böswald

Berylls provides me with the opportunity to help lead the transformation of one of the key industries of our economy. It is a company built around like-minded people, bringing passion and joy to every aspect of my job.

Associate Partner

Philipp Stütz

The focus on the mobility industry is truly lived at Berylls. This leads to a high level of expertise in this area that is hard to beat.

Associate Partner

Hendryk Pausch

To me working at Berylls means to address the key questions and challenges of our time in an anticipatory and implementation-oriented way and to passionately shape the future of the automotive industry.

Project Manager

Valentin Froh

As part of our Berylls family I am working on the major industry challenges in a pragmatic yet professional way – making impact and growing personally every day. This is made possible by our diverse team of highly motivated automotive enthusiasts.

Project Manager

Felix Scheb

Working on the „hottest topics“ of the automotive industry with a team of highly motivated and brilliant people – that is what Berylls is all about!

Project Manager

Peter Nuck

In addition to the technical expertise and the friendly work atmosphere, I felt from the very beginning that the entire Berylls team is passionate about the products and services of its customers. I am delighted to be part of this family and looking …

Project Manager

Dr. David Gutjahr

The best way to predict the future is to create it - Peter Drucker.

Senior Consultant

Steffen Hage

Mobility is our passion and part of the Berylls-DNA. With this passion, we shape the future of the automotive industry together with our customers. But different.

Senior Consultant

Eren Duygun

With “gasoline and electricity in my blood“, I love and live mobility. At Berylls, I can pursue this passion and make a sustainable impact for the automotive future together with highly motivated like-minded colleagues and industry experts.


Timotheus Wittek

Working at Berylls means to develop customized and sustainable mobility solutions with out clients – in an environment characterized by enthusiasm for the industry and impressive team spirit. Consulting, but different.


Sven Zellner

At Berylls I am able to pursue my personal passion for the automobility and at the same time create sustainable and customer-oriented solutions for the current challenges of this industry in a highly motivated team of experts.


Bolko von Hochberg

An everchanging world with ever new instabilities, may that be global warming, war, or global pandemics, needs new ideas to shape resilient and sustainable companies. Berylls has the minds and ideas to transform automotive companies to that standard.

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At the beginning of 2020, we emerged from the internal organizational development of Mercedes-Benz. But we still have plenty of "energy in our blood" and are proud of our roots.
Our strength: We have system knowledge of the large organization and an excellent, also scientific, network. As a true start-up, we are completely independent in terms of content and finances, which makes us agile. Our Purpose: #MakeChangeFeelGood


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