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Autonomous driving (AD) is one of the most complex and disruptive challenges in the history of mobility. Many new technologies must be mastered to manage the infinite variety of real-life driving situations. Technology breakthroughs and new businesses emerge continuously, with strategies ranging from evolutionary development paths and niche market solutions to holistic revolutionary disruption.

We understand that companies in the autonomous or automated driving sector face profound challenges in developing, implementing and executing appropriate strategies. All AD companies are under pressure to make technology reliable and safe, to build profitable business models, to ensure a successful go-to-market and to create suitable organizations and partnerships.

We help our clients identify the right product-market fit and execute strategy successfully to launch their AD solutions: out on the road, in the real world.

Berylls perspective


Solving complex challenges requires resilient but agile strategies as well as a holistic understanding of interdependencies.

Our experts in autonomous driving are experienced in developing and implementing strategies in uncertain and complex environments. They address all dimensions of the AD challenge holistically, from products and technology to marketing and organization.

We invite clients to challenge us on our beliefs, our outside-in perspective and our solution frameworks designed for strategic challenges.

Service offering



Autonomous driving is an extremely complex ecosystem and comprises a variety of businesses, technologies and approaches. Berylls monitors the AD domain continuously and has gained deep insights into both incumbents and new entrants and their respective value propositions. Our expertise covers the complete value chain, from sensor set suppliers to mobility and logistics service providers. We help you navigate through the different system layers and evaluate the core developments as well as the latest trends in autonomous driving.

Our offering includes:

  • Comprehensive market intelligence based on the proven Berylls 360° Toolbox Approach
  • Modelling of market potential, revenue streams and profit pools for any autonomous driving application
  • Analysis and assessment of policies and legal frameworks for autonomous driving
  • Profound competitor benchmarking across the autonomous driving ecosystem

Autonomous driving is the most disruptive technology that the automotive industry has ever experienced. It is the true game-changer within the wider industry transformation of the 21st century. For incumbents, meeting the challenge of AD is a question of survival. For new entrants it is the biggest opportunity they will ever get to commercialize their knowledge and expertise. Berylls has the competence and methodology to help you successfully define your service and product strategy for autonomous driving.

Our offering includes:

  • Development of shared beliefs and identification of aspirational targets for the autonomous driving value pool
  • Elaboration of a strategic target picture, as well as the vision and mission for participation in the future AD ecosystem
  • Definition of strategic directions, success-critical tasks and bundles of measures for strategy implementation
  • Elaboration of the strategy roadmap and implementation planning

Autonomous driving embraces many potential applications in mobility and logistics. Implementations of driverless vehicles will range from people-moving shuttles and ride-pooling to goods vehicles in hub-to-hub transport or last-mile delivery. Berylls covers them, all and has successfully designed and implemented operating models for autonomous vehicles in client projects. We believe that autonomous driving will create a transportation system of unprecedented productivity, efficiency and safety.

Our offering includes:

  • Definition of basic layout and operational design domain (ODD) for any autonomous driving system
  • Demand simulation and capacity determination including different growth scenarios
  • Definition of operating model in technical, economic and organizational dimensions
  • Process description including interfaces within and between the layers of the AD ecosystem (plus partnering approach)
  • Revenue and cost calculation for the AD system
  • Specification of the major subsystems such as vehicle fleets, control centers and maintenance facilities

Autonomous driving will revolutionize value creation in transportation, as it takes the driver out of the cost of operation. This will lead to a massive reallocation of value pools. However, there is no low-hanging fruit in the system, and there will be strong competition for access to customers and their mobility and logistics budgets. Berylls has a deep understanding of the business models and value pools of autonomous driving. We offer support in creation and validation of your individual business case.

Our offering includes:

  • Assessment of the business model canvas for any layer and application in the autonomous driving ecosystem
  • Modelling of demand and revenue development including dynamic pricing (as a function of technology diffusion)
  • Modelling of capacity utilization, cost development and their interdependence with the operating model design
  • Sensitivity analyses, scenario simulation and war gaming

Autonomous driving requires reliable technology and viable business models. Where both are in place, AD will scale fast and conquer a significant share of the market. Any business in the autonomous driving ecosystem needs a detailed masterplan, from how to enter the market to how to cope with the growth ahead. Berylls has successfully supported the go-to-market of innovators in the AD area. We are ready to support our clients all the way, from strategy definition and proof of concept to launch preparation and scaling.

Our offering includes:

  • Definition of go-to-market strategy including product, price, promotion, place, people and processes
  • Proof of concept through pilot operation and/or simulation
  • Pilot assessment and fine-tuning of the approach to safeguard successful launch: “fail quick, scale fast”
  • Comprehensive launch preparation of the defined business and operating model for autonomous driving
  • Elaboration of detailed masterplans for operation at scale

Autonomous driving has already generated a multitude of technology providers and startups throughout the value chain. Berylls Digital Ventures is actively networking with many of these startups and is continuously scouting promising ventures and business ideas. Most incumbents in the automotive industry have already understood that they must partner with younger companies that can offer fast access to innovative technology and agile working methods. We foster the activation of the startup ecosystem for autonomous driving.

Our offering includes:

  • Scouting of promising ventures and business ideas in autonomous driving
  • Evaluation of startups to create a validated portfolio of innovative companies
    Assessment of product capabilities (“tech stack due diligence”)
  • Mentoring and matchmaking, connecting startups with partners (such as industry incumbents or investors)


OUR Autonomous Driving EXPERTS

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Timo Littke

Our world needs new solutions for the mobility of the future. Digital innovations will play a key role in this. At Berylls, people come together who have the mindset, the know-how and the drive to shape these changes.

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Steffen Hage

Mobility is our passion and part of the Berylls-DNA. With this passion, we shape the future of the automotive industry together with our customers. But different.


Jakob Gabriel

Inspiring people, passion for mobility, exciting challenges – Berylls provides me with the opportunity to work on the hottest topics and to shape the transformation of the industry. But different.
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