Understanding what customers want 



Any product starts with a customer problem. New data-driven business models have revolutionised the way customer insights are generated. But while the potential is immense, many automotive companies struggle to leverage date toward creating a competitive advantage.

As they navigate through the overwhelming amount of data available today, they face numerous challenges in utilizing it effectively, ranging from a lack of clarity and understanding about the origin and usage of data to insights on how to effectively use the data for informed decision-making.

At Berylls, we understand the complexities involved in the collection, storage, management, and monetization of data. With our years of expertise, we assist our clients in selecting the right strategies and tactics to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ultimately gain a competitive advantage with their customers.

Berylls perspective


We tap into data across the end-to-end automobility value chain, from market research on customer needs, digital user interaction data, to production data, sales and pricing data.

Auto100 Index

The BDV Automobility Index (AMX) uses various data streams to provide a comprehensive and current picture of the automotive industry's supply chain across all core global regions, serving as an industry benchmark and guide for future-oriented strategies of companies.



elyvate is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) operations tool that utilizes data analytics and metrics tracking to enable standardized reporting, tracking, updating, and managing of automobility projects.


Startup Radar

Our Start-up Radar uses data from a variety of sources such as Crunchbase and LinkedIn to track funding behavior and trends, and aggregate insights on mobility start-ups.



At Berylls we capture and utilize the power of data to provide the best data-driven solutions for our customers and for our own ventures and to generate customer insights that allow our clients to build truly differentiating customer offerings.

We enable our clients to turn data into a competitive advantage, fueling growth and innovation for their business - but Different.

Service offering

Unlocking the power of data: our date offering

We help clients unlock the potential of data. Our diverse team of data scientists, analysts and engineers drives automobility innovation by providing

Descriptive analytics of complex data sets through reporting and data visualizations tools like Tableau
Predictive analytics through machine learning and deep learning algorithms to illustrate possible future outcomes
Prescriptive analytics through constrained mathematical optimization to build scenarios for how to act on the data.

Visualization suite

Our platform is designed to help businesses make sense of their data by creating powerful and interactive data dashboards. Whether you're looking to visualize survey data or customer data, our tool makes it easy to turn complex data into meaningful insights that drive action. With our user-friendly interface and customizable visualizations, you can easily create stunning dashboards that highlight key trends, patterns, and relationships in your data. Our goal is to make your data more accessible and actionable, so that you can make informed decisions and drive growth for your business. Get started with our visualization suite today and experience the power of data-driven insights!

data strategy
Unlock the potential of data for your connectivity services with our Data Strategy. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a comprehensive data strategy to ensure that you make the most of this valuable resource. From data collection and management, to analysis and insights, we have the expertise to help you stay ahead of the curve and stay competitive in an ever-evolving market. Partner with us today to develop a cutting-edge data strategy that drives success.
data-driven innovation
Data Innovation is the future of product development and business success. Our team specializes in data-based validation of ideas and concepts for digital products and ventures. We analyze data and use it to validate and optimize your ideas, ensuring their success in the market.
campaign id

Unleash the power of marketing with our innovative Campaign ID solution. Our Central ID connects your entire marketing E2E process, providing you with a single source of truth for all your data. With improved insights and actionable intelligence, you can optimize your marketing spend and drive ROI improvement like never before. Upgrade t o our Campaign ID today and take your marketing to the next level!

marketing intelligence
Drive Data-Driven Marketing Success. Unlock the power of data-driven marketing with Marketing Intelligence. Measure marketing funnel performance, evaluate marketing spend effectiveness and optimize your strategies to drive more leads, conversions and revenue. Our solution allows you to set targets based on sales volumes and make data-driven decisions. Contact us to learn more and boost your marketing success.
We specialize in developing custom data apps that help our clients make data-driven decisions. Our team of experts takes business data and transforms it into interactive, user-friendly apps that provide valuable insights and help drive business success. Whether you're looking to analyze sales trends, monitor customer behavior, or track key metrics, our data apps can provide the information you need, when you need it.




Florian Peter

We are amid a systemic transformation in automobility where solutions need to be customer-centric, sustainable, and digital. Together with our partners and clients we apply a build-measure-learn approach to launch the right digital products – but d…

Senior Associate

Vadim Welter

Finding and implementing strategic concepts by creating customer-oriented, data-driven and holistic solutions are tasks that drive me. Together with Berylls, I want to share my experience and knowledge to create solutions that move the automotive ind…

Senior Knowledge Analyst

Chloé Bideau

Be at the front row and support an industry that is profoundly redefining itself.

Lead Venture Associate

Johan Torssell

Developing scalable products, investing in upcoming start-ups, and providing advice to help companies achieve excellence. This is where knowledge truly is leveraged to maximise societal impact for a bright future, that makes BDV different.


Yalun Li

Realizing the future of smart and electric mobility is the vision, to which I dedicate, day for day and step by step. The creation of innovative and “but different” mobility solutions, as well as industrializing the ideas, are valuable approaches…

Data Scientist

Clinton Charles

When I saw Berylls for the first time, I knew this was where I wanted to be. Automobiles and digital products - two of my favourite areas intersect at BDV . On top of that, the hands-on mentality, passion for innovation and an amazing team makes Ber…