No other technology appears as predictable and yet has so many unknowns as electromobility. It affects all areas of the automotive value chain and is forcing automakers and suppliers to realign all their business units with e-mobility in mind.

At the same time, legal requirements are severely restricting the scope for action available to automotive companies. The time for fundamentally questioning electromobility on the basis of regional differences, possible alternatives and delays in the start-up is over.

All OEMs and suppliers who want to be present on the market in the long term must have a strategy for electromobility that encompasses all areas of the company.

Berylls perspective


E-mobility sets the frame within which automotive companies act and operate.

From decisions on product or service portfolios, the definition of suitable software and hardware architectures, the roll-out of new sales and business models to strategic communication with investors and shareholders – e-mobility is setting the tone everywhere today.

Although many questions are still unanswered – and not only from the perspective of automotive end customers – the time for relying solely on legislators and governments is over.

For e-mobility to contribute profitably to sales and returns in the long term, clear decisions and sustainable action by the companies themselves are required.

And Berylls is leading the way as part of the automobility industry.

Service offering

Mastering five challenges

To make electromobility sustainable, capable of growth, and profitable, automotive companies must master five challenges:

Regulatory pressure requires massive business acceleration

Legislators are massively increasing the pressure on car manufacturers to reduce emissions to an extent that can only be achieved by significantly increasing sales of BEVs. Many cities are even threatening with driving bans.

This massively increases the pressure on manufacturers not only to quickly expand their existing range of BEVs, but also to increase customer acceptance, e.g. with regard to public charging, through innovative business models.

Our offering includes:

We help OEMS find their own solution to unsolved electric mobility problems and integrate them meaningfully into existing offerings, e.g. via new services such as VaaS, Mobility Services, digital service or own charging solutions.

Cost and investment pressure grows

Still, the low battery range at high cost deters even BEV-interested customers from buying a BEV.

OEMs and suppliers must invest massively in the further development of battery technology in particular and massively reduce its costs. Due to the speed required for this, automotive companies must increasingly enter into cooperations and partnerships.

Our offering includes:

Berylls supports cost reduction programs in development, manufacturing and purchasing, in finding suitable cooperation partners, in software development  and in securing and accelerating new product launches. Furthermore, we support to secure investments with a view to the global capital markets.

E-mobility integration into existing platforms and portfolios is critical

Due to high legacy costs, established manufacturers in particular offer even BEV-interested customers only a very limited product portfolio across all vehicle segments.

The resulting gap between customer needs and product offerings increases customers' willingness to switch and paves the way for new competitors.

Our offering includes:

Berylls helps OEMs, suppliers, startups and Big Tech define appropriate portfolios and core competencies, and integrate them into existing architectures, organizations and sales models.

Expansion of public charging infrastructure is urgent

Low network coverage, low availability of fast charging stations and long waiting times in front of charging stations make public charging of BEVs difficult. This is compounded by immature payment options and complex payment processes at charging stations.

Our offering includes:

We help OEMs, suppliers to make charging attractive for customers, e.g. through latest digital services and business models, through own charging solution. And in building cooperations and networks.

Securing raw materials and supply chains is a priority

New suppliers and manufacturing processes need to be qualified for many components of the e-machine and especially the high-voltage battery.

Our offering includes:

Especially for battery cell input materials such as lithium, cobalt, nickel or rare earths, new supply chains from ESG-compliant resource extraction to manufacturing and assembly must be set up and supply security ensured in the long term.

This also requires building new competencies and providing employees with further training. To achieve this, partnerships at eye level are more important than ever.



Executive Partner

Andreas Radics

Those who are willing to invest their own money in a distressed case do not take on a project assignment, but responsibility for the overall result - another point that makes Berylls "but different"!


Dr. Alexander Timmer

For me, first-class automotive consulting means passion for the product, a unique perspective on the challenges in the industry and working with a highly motivated team. All this comes together at Berylls - but different!

Project Manager

Sema Poyraz

Working together with the most inspiring colleagues and partners allows me to enrich my professional skills. At Berylls I have the chance to be the strategist I am and express my ideas that drive value and growth for our German and Chinese clients.

Project Manager

Valentin Froh

As part of our Berylls family I am working on the major industry challenges in a pragmatic yet professional way – making impact and growing personally every day. This is made possible by our diverse team of highly motivated automotive enthusiasts.

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Cameron Gormley

I am passionate about the future of the automobility and Berylls provides a unique opportunity to help drive this transformation and be on the forefront of innovative solutions across the industry.


Lisa Schmidt

Working at Berylls means for me to know that I can't imagine a better working environment. Working with colleagues, managers and clients makes Berylls for me - but different.


Thomas Scholz

Personal mobility services are an important element in our daily life. To make them sustainably attractive for costumers and companies in ecological and economic terms, we at Berylls work passionately on strategic solutions.


Rishab Harlalka

A dedicated focus on the rapidly evolving automotive industry makes Berylls a perfect stage to unleash my passion for the industry. Automobile fascination and passion of people at Berylls with innovative thinking and approach make it „but different…


Yalun Li

Realizing the future of smart and electric mobility is the vision, to which I dedicate, day for day and step by step. The creation of innovative and “but different” mobility solutions, as well as industrializing the ideas, are valuable approaches…


Henri Laux

One of the mobility industry’s major challenges is putting the customer at the centre of everything the organisations are doing. At Berylls Mad Media, we help key industry players achieving this mindset shift with an outcome-driven approach.
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Cooperation partners


We cooperate with relevant thought leaders in the area of electromobility. We supplement our strategic know-how with specialist expertise and the latest findings from science to answer complex questions. For this, we work closely with our partners PEM Motion of RWTH Aachen University and Fraunhofer FFB from Münster in the areas of strategy, development, procurement and production of electric vehicles and batteries.

PEM Motion is an engineering and consulting service provider with focus on batteries and electric motors as well as the industrialization of mobility products.


Fraunhofer FFB

The Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production FFB aims to become the center for the development of modern, scalable and sustainable battery cell production for Germany and Europe. Experts from the fields of chemistry, engineering, production and digitalization support Berylls in projects that require a deep understanding of the battery cell and its production processes.