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As few automotive companies can fund the massive investments needed for new products and new technologies from their operating cashflow alone, access to fresh capital is key. Some OEMs are restricted in their ability to raise capital due to being undervalued. Others find financing but then struggle to deliver their investors’ expectations. Addressing these problems requires an understanding of capital markets that goes beyond the fundamentals of revenue, profitability and shareholder returns. This is why we at Berylls have developed our proprietary Automobility Index. As well as fundamentals the index also considers company strategy, value networks and investor sentiments.

Using our Index. Berylls helps clients to better understand investor expectations and develop investor stories that resonate with the global capital markets.

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Our mission is to help clients interact with the global capital markets in a manner that relies on more than just gut feeling or balance sheet fundamentals. With our proprietary Automobility Index we have developed an analytical tool designed to increase capital markets literacy and generate actionable insights for automotive companies and financial professionals alike.

The Index leverages our deep knowledge of the automobility sector and incorporates financial analytics from our capital markets partners to automatically generate an independent, unbiased and data-driven view of the automobility industry.
The Automobility Index helps us and our clients including OEMs, suppliers, investors, or tech companies to make more informed, quantifiable and structured capital markets decisions on assets both listed and private.


We believe important decisions need to be data-driven. Yet instinct and gut feeling often still take over. Our stakeholder sentiment analytics solution solves this problem by quantifying the opinions of relevant stakeholders across a flexible and continuously growing set of sources and focus areas. This creates an innovative basis for objective and transparent decision making.


We help the investor relations champions of automobility companies to better understand all of their capital stakeholders. We focus on data-driven analysis of “traditional” fundamentals as well as our own KPIs – such as strategy, value networks, and both public and investor sentiment. We measure, benchmark, and assess capital markets performance with the aim of improving the investor communications of our clients, whether for large corporations or ambitious start-ups.


Treasury is vital – not only to keep the business running, but to keep the cost of financing low. And cost of capital often depends on negotiations with partners and financial institutions “outside” of the industry. When financing decisions are to be made, we support automobility businesses in painting an accurate picture of their strengths versus competitors. That means they can negotiate the best terms.


The world of automotive and mobility is complex, especially for outsiders. We understand this challenge and help investment and finance professionals to better analyze both the hot trends that everyone is talking about and the underlying forces that are less visible. Our offering is tailored to analysts, bankers, and investors who want to refine their investment strategies for automotive assets.


We develop proprietary financial products with our partners from the financial services sector who rely on our sector expertise and strategic know-how to identify viable, automobility-focused investment strategies. In doing so we are creating new investment opportunities in the automotive space, for both strategic and financial investors, which benefit the industry we are passionate about.


We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Berylls actively invests in promising automotive assets at all maturity stages and helps those businesses succeed on global financial markets. In addition to having financial skin in the game, we help through raising funds, opening doors within the industry, and scaling early stage businesses.
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Thanks to our class-leading thinking and our experience at the cutting edge of automotive innovation, we can provide everything our clients need to be successful within the automobility ecosystem, whether as an automotive company or as an investor.

Leanval Invest

The LeanVal Group provides institutional and semi-institutional clients with research and asset management, as well as a digital platform that helps them with their own research, reporting and development of investment concepts, and portfolio management. The group analyzes and invests on behalf of its clients in companies that work sustainably and transparently.



WisdomTree was founded with a passion for creating better ways to index, innovate, and invest for clients, being the first to weight by dividends. Like Berylls, WisdomTree has always challenged the status quo and believes investors should too.

WisdomTree provides one of the most innovative ranges of UCITS exchange traded funds and exchange traded products covering commodities, foreign exchange, equities, fixed income, and digital assets, as well as short and leveraged exposures.


Automobility Index


See Index

See Index

The AUTO100 covers the 100 most relevant and promising publicly listed automotive companies worldwide and comprises the following sectors of the automotive industry: vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, car dealers, mobility service providers and infrastructure providers.

The Index only includes companies that generate the largest part of their revenue within the automotive industry. They are selected through strict, multi-stage criteria based on industry know-how and analysis of fundamental data. Thanks to its coverage of the entire industry ecosystem, the Index offers a comprehensive picture of the global automotive industry for the first time.

See our Automobility Index.




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