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The car of the future will be defined by software. It will be connected, updatable and be part of an ever-expanding ecosystem of integrated mobility services. Established automotive companies need to catch up to provide the right user experience, and update cycles, costs and supporting processes.

To do this they need to answer where in the software value chain they want to position themselves. They need to differentiate themselves from the competition, deciding what to create on their own and what to buy from technology suppliers. At Berylls we advise OEMs, suppliers, start-ups and Big Tech companies on the fundamental portfolio, as well as software architecture, team competency, strategic sourcing, and business model questions raised by the growing importance of software.

We support clients in defining new product platforms and architectures from vehicle hardware to software and cloud-based applications.



We believe that to become successful software developers, automotive companies need to think iteratively from strategy definition to delivery and back to strategy – this is what we call the Berylls Software Loop.   

The Berylls Software Loop consists of three major elements: strategy design, delivery excellence and enterprise transformation across the complete value chain and vehicle life cycle.  

A benchmark organization for software integration is as important as capabilities to create software in-house, as is a culture that embraces software development fundamentals like DevOps, Agile and competitive collaboration.  

Software development tools and organizational software operating models need to be tightly integrated into the existing product development process to ensure that costs and production start dates are met by delivering excellence. 

The Berylls Software Loop leverages our full automotive expertise and commitment to a software-driven automotive future.  

Service Offering

enabling software end-to-end

Berylls supports clients along the full Software Loop – from strategy to delivery as well as in transformation.

Readiness check

We have a standardized and modular toolset to evaluate our client’s readiness for the software defined vehicle – analyzing strategy including business models and value chain position, delivery capabilities including requirements engineering and development performance, as well as corporate development dimensions (Agile organization, process/methods/tools and people capabilities). Based on these evaluations, fields of action can be derived.

Strategy design

Business models
Together with our clients, we design software-based business models that meet the demands of market desirability, commercial viability, and technical feasibility. We also support the delivery of proof-of-concepts to demonstrate technical feasibility.

Software portfolios
We develop and define our clients’ software product portfolio, based on market needs, conditions and internal capabilities in alignment with the overall strategy.

Technology roadmaps
We define our clients’ technology roadmap, not only through our proven 360° outside-in analysis, but also leveraging our industry knowledge of technological dependencies and trends.

Value add / value chain
As our clients face challenges when it comes to defining their own value add related to software, we support them in making the right decisions and finding their most suitable position in the value chain.

Partnership models
Once the client’s own value add is clear, one outcome may be the need for a partnership. Together with our clients we work on the definition of partnership models to develop and operate software-driven products and accompany them all the way from definition of contracts up to potential joint venture building.

Partner search & assessment
If our clients seek to enter a partnership, we will support them in finding and assessing potential partners to develop and operate software products by leveraging our automotive expertise as well as our broad Berylls network.

Delivery excellence

Software excellence framework
As our clients are striving for best-in-class software delivery organizations, we support in providing a standardized approach to evaluate current performance and derive tailored measures to achieve software excellence.

Software abstraction
With the increasing decoupling of hardware and software and their respective development cycles, it becomes more and more important to ensure coordination and alignment. We support our clients in setting up necessary processes to ensure development cycle coordination.

Supporting delivery set-up
As companies scale their software delivery operations, they face a multitude of problems in doing so from setting the right standards for development to having the proper organization in place. As a sparring partner to many start-ups and rapid growth companies, we support them in bringing their software delivery to the next level.

Software task force
With many software projects failing to meet deadlines, our clients sometimes need quick and efficient support to bring critical software projects back on track. With clear work packages and prioritized measures, we ensure a quick return to the right path.

Enterprise transformation

Delivery organization design & project management teams
Together with our clients, we design efficient structures and processes for organizations as well as system landscapes, able to deliver software projects on time, on budget, and at the right level of quality.

Leadership development
For many of our clients the software-defined vehicle implies a significant need for transformation, and we support this process with leadership development programs designed to enable management to meet transformation targets.

Academy / capability management
Where companies face a lack of suitable employees it is of utmost importance to leverage all internal resources when it comes to software defined products and services. That is why we design and deliver programs to upskill and train employees.

Track record

Software & Architecture solutions delivered

Strategy Development

Software provider

Development a sustainable strategy for a product-oriented software company. Structured the implementation of organizational measures such as separation of product/service organization and optimization of footprint, and preparation of an action-oriented implementation plan.

Strategy Development

Engineering service provider with a focus on software 

Conducted workshop series for joint strategy development in multiple workstreams. Developed a sustainable positioning for our client as a focused specialist in a growing market.

Partner Negotiation

Software provider

Supported the client in scoping partnership options as well as the evaluation of possible scenarios. Delivered a target picture for partnership and a clearly defined negotiating position.

Digital Supply Chain Design

Volume OEM

Devised systematic method of translating customer experiences into requirements for software development. Set up the software delivery unit (according to a scaled agile framework) including roles, processes and deliverables.

Digital, Platform-Based Business Model

Automotive supplier

Provided definition and validation of a digital business model for an automotive supplier. This included development of the value proposition and validation through Berylls’ broad network of OEMs, service providers and venture capitalists. Identified complementary partners and validated technical feasibility through a proof-of-concept process.

Open-source Automotive Cloud

Big Tech company

Automotive cloud solutions strategy definition using an “open-source software-first” approach that brought together several leading companies into an open-source community built around our client’s cloud services.

Car Software Organization Set-up

Volume OEM

Car software development organizational set-up and software development process definition using Berylls’ innovative use case enabler matrix that directly links software-enabled use cases to functional software requirements.

Wall Box-As-A-Service

OEM captive

Developed innovative BEV leasing product and attendant innovation process and customer journey that included Berylls’ wall box-as-a-service solution Wall-E.



Executive Partner

Dr. Jan Dannenberg

As a management consultant, I am driven by curiosity, the permanent urge to learn and applying experience to my customers.


Christian Kaiser

After 25 years in various OEM & software companies, Berylls offers me the opportunity to drive the digital transformation as a trusted partner. Our team of global industry experts creates solutions with focus on our customers software challenges.


Dr. Matthias Kempf

The Berylls difference is a combination of things: working at the absolute spearhead of industry transformation in teams that are absolute experts in their field, and doing so in a family environment that demands a lot, but also offers a lot of freed…

Associate Partner

Sebastian Böswald

Berylls provides me with the opportunity to help lead the transformation of one of the key industries of our economy. It is a company built around like-minded people, bringing passion and joy to every aspect of my job.

Associate Partner

Dr. Jürgen Simon

Working at BSA means working with the customer and excellent colleagues at eye level on the challenges that move the industry. There is always time to live the excellent team spirit!

Associate Partner

Sebastian Bräuer

The automotive industry is in the midst of the biggest transformation in 100 years. For me, Berylls combines everything to be part of the solution to this challenge. A highly motivated team of automotive experts, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Senior Consultant

Felix Günther

At Berylls, I am surrounded by people who work every day with enthusiasm and empathy to help our clients successfully shape the transformation of the mobility industry. This offers me unique growth opportunities.
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