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    At Berylls we believe in the power of being DIFFERENT. Where others are standing still, we continue to question and simply keep going. Until we’re sure that we have found the absolute best approach. This leads to Different solutions and that’s the way we operate in all of the working areas of the Berylls quartet. Our numerous awards are clear proof of this. It’s not always easy to be DIFFERENT and thus a Beryll. Are you ready to meet this challenge?


    But we at Berylls are also a passionate team, with all the pros and cons that go with passion. That is part of our corporate culture. Because we are passionate about giving every member of our society the freedom in the automobility of tomorrow to move individually and sustainably from A to B. And what are you passionate about?


    If you already know which working area of our quartet interests you, you can switch here directly to our job offers.


    Berylls Strategy AdvisorsBerylls Digital VenturesBerylls Mad MediaBerylls Equity Partners




    To us, excellence, passion, engagement, curiosity, openness and respect are more than just empty words, but describe what holds all Berylls together at the core, regardless of which working area of our quartet they are part of.



    Excellent results in everything we do. Going the extra mile and never giving up until we are sure there isn’t a Different way, a better way. Substance and maximum quality are the core requirements of our work for customers or for our own internal purposes. Berylls and every one of us have profound experience in the field of automobility and its current transformation. For this to remain the case, and for us to be able to justify our pole position in the long term, demands constant further development. Excellence is the driving force that we fire up again and again every day.


    At one time we would have said: we have “petrol in our blood.” Soon we’ll probably be saying: Berylls are electrified. For us it means the same thing: every Beryll feels a boundless passion for the subject automobility, for the innovative power and transformation in one of the most fascinating industries there is. The belief in the automobile future with digital business models motivates us just as much as the technical progress on the vehicle side or in the value-added chain. Passion means for us: we are “burning” to put our stamp on this transformation.


    We cultivate our customer relationships even beyond the respective project. We work with our customers and network partners in trusting cooperation, and don’t simply drift apart after the final meeting. Our customers can contact us any time even without a concrete order with individual enquiries to receive current industry information at first hand. In addition to this, all Berylls also sparkle in an internal role – whether it’s in a practice or a function such as our Event Team. But social institutions are also important to us and thus receive our regular support.


    Curiosity is a central mainspring of everything we do. As industry experts we seek the solutions to the questions of automobility in the future. And we always go a step further, always willing to actively seek out and expose ourselves to new, unaccustomed and complex situations. But one thing we are sure of: all Berylls share this thirst for knowledge with our customers and network partners. Our curiosity motivates us never to stop until all targets have been reached. So that then we can continue, almost reflexively, to set our sights on new shores in the world of automobility.


    Berylls think like entrepreneurs and act as advisors: results-oriented, grounded, committed and open. We act as personalities with our own independent opinions. As experienced sparring partners we discuss demanding issues constructively at eye level with the decision-makers. Berylls are loyal partners from whom you can always expect an honest word. For us openness here means being open to opinions and perspectives of others and always being interested in the people and the context behind an issue.


    We believe that respect towards customers and network partners and our Berylls forms the basis for excellent results. Alongside the aim of achieving excellent results, we are also concerned to do this in a human, open and honest framework. As Berylls we are always respectful internally and externally even under stress. This also includes, by the way, the society we are living and working in, as well as our environment. Respect is also due, of course, to our Berylls themselves – as well as an environment that also allows space for a private life in what is an exciting and strenuous profession.


    Our focus is not only on the success of our projects, but also on the attitude with which we achieve these special results along with our customers and network partners. Values thus become our lived everyday routine, and this is the only way that values can become valuable.

    Read on if you want to get to know Berylls and find out what is important to us.




    Banks, pharmaceuticals and authorities are not part of our DNA. We focus on our passion, automobility – not as outside observers, but as an active part of the transformation to a different mobility of the future. We are proud of the breadth and depth of our expertise that results from this.

    Only satisfied employees can create satisfied customers. Working on innovative themes, an inspiring environment and options for early assumption of responsibilities make the time fly. Nonetheless: space for private life, relationships and personal development are just as important at Berylls.

    At Berylls you are challenged and encouraged to find and develop your role and to inspire others. The support of your mentor, internal and external coaching and scholarships are tailored to suit you. Your long-term development is our joint aim.

    As a Beryll you are at the control levers of a different automobile future. Berylls advance as pioneers – not only with our insights and project approaches, but also with our own ventures.

    Berylls offers you the space and the trust to pursue your own projects and interests and thus play an active role in shaping the company. Regular events provide a platform for personal exchange of these interests and project experiences and weld us together across national borders. An attractive allowance enables you to experience the future of mobility in the private sphere.

    Mutual support – professionally and interpersonally – is part of your role as a Beryll. Together we form a community of colleagues and friends. You don’t stop being a Beryll just because you’re finished work.




    We are cutting edge in the field of automobility and present in the core markets of our customers. We are continuously promoting the diversity of our team.


    This focus is not only the basis for our extraordinary technical expertise, but also the reason why you won’t find any steep hierarchies at Berylls. We are all working in the same field – worldwide.


    Personal initiative will, of course, help you to progress faster. But Berylls doesn’t have any strict up-or-out principle like many other top management consultancies. For us your development is your own personal decision.


    In the various working areas of our Berylls quartet there are many paths for you to the top. Whether as a strategist, organization developer, data scientist, MARCOM specialist, investment director or whatever you choose, Berylls is transparent and permeable. That applies in particular in our projects even going beyond the limits of our working areas.




    Switch here to the development paths and the job offers of our quartet.


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    Berylls Strategy Advisors

    A strong

    Berylls Digital Ventures


    Berylls Mad Media


    Berylls Equity Partners



    As a career starter at Berylls Strategy Advisors you can develop yourself from consultant to associate and senior associate, right up to principal and partner. An experienced expert will mentor you personally and will always be glad to see you reach the next level.
    If not, we regard that as a personal decision, because, as we said, we don’t have a strict up-or-out principle. Accordingly, we have a very large midfield. This strength at the centre with our senior associates gives us a lot of know-how and strength in the teams and allows our customers to rely on excellent results the Berylls way.


    As a Partner you are responsible for the entire business relationship with one or more customers. You also represent a specific subject area of Berylls – e.g., Digital Strategy, Sales/After Sales Strategy, M&A or Organization Development.
    You also continue to play an important role in the daily project work: as an expert you are closely engaged with our project teams, optimally networked with the clients and their management, and you visibly bear responsibility.


    As a Principal you are responsible for customers and larger projects or for the management of multiple projects in parallel. You are an important liaison for our clients at their locations. You also contribute towards the business development of Berylls and to the development of new customer relationships and are responsible internally for a specific subject area.

    Senior Associate.

    As a Senior Associate you assume responsibility as a classical project manager for whole projects and their teams. You interact closely with our customers and structure the work packages for Associates, Consultants, and Interns. You are also responsible for internal tasks, e.g. in the further development of our intellectual capital.


    As an Associate you are responsible for smaller projects or individual modules of larger projects. Alongside the substantive work, you are also responsible for Consultants or interns and your initial engagement in internal task areas contributes to the further development of Berylls.


    As a Consultant you are responsible for individual work packages in our consulting projects. This could involve market, customer and competition research or workshop preparations, quantitative modelling or the preparation of presentations. You will be supported from the start by experienced Berylls to ensure a steep learning curve.


    Various entry options are open to you as a career starter at Berylls Digital Ventures. We believe in the strength of cross-functional teams to develop products, design business models, attract investors and thus sustainably improve the automobility industry. Because major challenges often demand special motivation. Our product and venture teams also perform so well because they are standing on the shoulders of all the necessary disciplines: these disciplines include venture architects and business developers who assume the business perspective, as well as technical specialists for concept, design and data science, right up to full-stack software development – all roles contribute directly to the success of our ideas. The further development within your discipline follows our clearly defined specialist track from specialist to senior specialist right up to lead specialist. An experienced colleague from the same discipline, the respective Head of Product/Ventures/CTO or a partner will mentor you personally and will always be glad to see you reach the next level. The respective requirements for your application are set out in our open job offers.


    As Partner you are responsible for the successful further development of Berylls Digital Ventures. You represent Berylls Digital Ventures with respect to our customers, cooperation partners and investors. For this purpose you have a comprehensive and robust contact network. In addition, you form the interface to other business fields of the Berylls Group.

    Head of Products, Head of Venturing.

    Within your area you are the central contact partner for our investors, customers, teams and cooperation partners. You actively pursue new business relationships and thus contribute towards the steady further development of Berylls Digital Ventures. In addition, your expertise makes you an important sparring partner for individual product or venture teams.

    Lead Specialist.

    As a Lead Specialist, you support our teams with experience and advice, and help wherever necessary with ground-breaking professional decisions. In addition to this, you are responsible in close coordination with a Head of Products / Head of Venturing or Partner for the further development of your specialist team. With your experience, your engagement, and your integrative leadership style, you make an active contribution towards the steady further development of Berylls Digital Ventures, our products, and ventures.

    Senior Specialist.

    As a Senior Specialist, you are responsible within a product or venture team for all deliverables of your discipline and oversee the work of junior employees. Wherever interdisciplinary work is required, you are the first contact partner for your colleagues, and find solutions to advance your product or venture to the maximum in a professional and pragmatic manner.


    As a Specialist, you support our product or venture teams in your respective discipline. Personal initiative and independent working play a major role here from the start, which you demonstrate alone and in collaboration with an experienced colleague.


    As a career starter at Berylls Mad Media, you can proceed from Analyst to Consultant, Associate and Senior Associate up to Principal and Partner. We believe in the strength of cross-functional teams to develop our products and services and thus sustainably improve the transformation of the marketing and sales function of the automotive industry. Therefore, we offer several tracks to develop you into an expert and evangelist who is recognized as such by our customers and whose know-how is highly valued. These tracks include Customer Experience & Service Design, Data-Driven Marketing, Agile Organisational Design, Analytics & BI, MarCom as well as Tech & Architecture. An experienced colleague from the same discipline or a Principal/Partner will mentor you personally and will always be glad to continuously accompany your development.


    As a partner, you are responsible for the successful development of Berylls Mad Media. You represent Berylls Mad Media to our customers, cooperation partners, and stakeholders. For this purpose, you have a comprehensive and resilient network of contacts. As an expert, you stand for deep know-how in the field of digital transformation of sales and marketing, interacting closely with our project teams and taking visible responsibility.


    As a Principal, you are responsible for the operational business of our product and service development. Within this area, you are a central point of contact for our customers, teams, cooperation partners, and stakeholders. With your industry expertise, you will be a sparring partner for the individual product or program teams and actively contribute to building new business relationships.

    Senior Associate.

    As a Senior Associate, you will take responsibility for entire projects and their teams. In doing so, you will interact closely with our customers within the scope of your professional specialization and lead the customer team. Additionally, you are responsible for further development within your specialization in close coordination with a Principal/Partner. Through your experience, commitment, and integrative leadership style, you will actively contribute to the continuous development of Berylls Mad Media, our products, and our services.


    As an Associate, you will take responsibility for sub-projects, individual modules of larger projects as well as the deliverables within cross-functional teams in your subject area. Where interdisciplinary work is helpful, you are the first point of contact within your specialization and develop solutions. You take responsibility for topic areas, lead junior Berylls in terms of content and thus support the continuous development of Berylls Mad Media, our products, and services.


    As a Consultant, you take responsibility for individual work packages within the scope of your specialization and support our cross-functional teams in developing highly relevant solutions for our clients. You are an expert on your sub-areas and the first point of contact for experienced colleagues and customers. You will continuously develop yourself and take responsibility within the team to further develop the products and services of Berylls Mad Media.


    As an Analyst, you support our cross-functional teams and take on tasks independently. You will be supported right from the start by experienced Berylls to ensure a steep learning curve. In doing so, initiative and independent work play a major role right from the start, which you will demonstrate alone and in cooperation with experienced colleagues. You develop yourself and support the development of products and services at Berylls Mad Media.


    As a career starter at Berylls Equity Partners you can develop yourself from Investment Analyst up to Investment Director and Partner. An experienced Partner or Investment Director will mentor you personally and will always be glad to see you reach the next level. Our unique and specialized positioning also ensures, however, that we can only give a few select applicants this opportunity. We are mainly looking for hand-picked professionals with broad experience in this business. Our internal structure gives our portfolio companies and our anchor investors the certainty that we can achieve a successful financial, strategic and operative realignment.


    As Partner you are responsible for the successful further development of Berylls Equity Partners. You represent Berylls Equity Partners with respect to our customers and network partners. For this purpose, you have a comprehensive and robust contact network that you use to ensure a constantly attractive deal flow, the optimum support of our portfolio companies as well as a value-maximizing exit. In addition, you are responsible for the support of our investors, and form the interface to other business fields of the Berylls Group.

    Investment Director.

    As Investment Director you are responsible for the respective project in close cooperation with the Partner Team. You are the primary contact person at the interface to the seller or buyer side in our transactions. After a successful transaction you accompany companies during the holding period, and then ensure a successful exit process. With your engagement you contribute towards the development of new customer relationships.

    Investment Manager.

    As Investment Manager you are independently responsible for larger subject areas (e.g. due diligence, company valuation, financial analysis, business plan compilation) and systematically develop into a project manager.

    Investment Associate.

    As Investment Associate you are responsible for individual work packages in all our thematic areas and develop a holistic view of our investment business.

    Investment Analyst.

    Als Investment Analyst you support us in all areas of our investment business: in the acquisition of companies, in the strategic and operative management of our portfolio companies, and in the sale of companies.




    As the leading experts for automobility we are growing rapidly and continuously. Therefore, we are constantly on the lookout for new Berylls who will make us even better. Entrance is possible at different times of your professional career.

    The world of Berylls is open to you. Take your pick of our quartet and of our global locations.




    We take a lot of time over your online application, screening it based on various criteria and with reference to the respective role. Your motivation letter should not leave any doubts about why you want to join Berylls. A tabular CV and all the relevant references complete your application.



    You have convinced us in the first step, and we’d like to get to know you personally. The best way to do this is an online interview. You will be speaking directly with one of our experts, can gain some first impressions and ask questions. We are interested in your personality, what you are passionate about and your Berylls fit. We will let you know promptly whether and how things are to proceed.



    Now we’re motoring. We would like to experience your abilities live and want to invite you to get to know Berylls onsite. Interviews and cases are the focus of a series of conversations with several experts. A presentation in German/English with an open question round is possible. We will let you know the exact procedure on your chosen day in the invitation.



    For us this is the finish line. Only those applicants get to here who best match us and their chosen role. If you have made it this far, we will make you an offer that you won’t want to refuse. Promptly and with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed.


    TO YOU.

    YOUR Berylls Team.

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