Nissan would save 30MN € in media budget per year with Hyundai’s marketing efficiency in Germany alone

Munich, April 2022

Nissan would save 30MN € in media budget per year with Hyundai's marketing efficiency in Germany alone

Munich, April 2022


arketing efficiency, measured by the amount of budget needed to reach conversions within the marketing and sales funnel, is a critical success factor for OEMs.

We analyzed different OEMs concerning their marketing efficiency, by comparing the media budgets they spend to achieve certain levels of website visits, started configurations, finished configurations, and vehicle sales.

What we found is that the budget needed to reach a comparable funnel performance differs dramatically between OEMs. Having a more detailed comparison between Hyundai and Nissan, for example, shows that Nissan would need to spend roughly 9 times as much to reach the same number of finished configurations as Hyundai.

The conclusion we draw is that marketing efficiency can be improved by viewing marketing performance more holistically across all channels. While often, there is still too much focus on Paid Media as a silo, it is critical to concentrate on the combination of all marketing activities and view the entire funnel performance.

Improved targeting, an outstanding touchpoint experience and an optimized media mix are the key to more efficient media spend. Revisiting your Paid Earned Shared Owned (PESO) dashboard to uncover and focus on the most successful funnel will help you achieve more for less.

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Nissan would save 30MN € in media budget per year with Hyundai's marketing efficiency in Germany alone
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Sascha Kurth (1987) is a Principal at Berylls Mad Media, the Sales & Marketing Transformation unit of Berylls Group, a group of companies specializing in the automotive industry. He is an expert in building KPI & data-driven sales- and marketing-organizations and can look back on many years of experience in data-driven marketing and e-commerce environments.

Sascha Kurth has been advising automobile manufacturers in a global context since 2013. He has in-depth expert knowledge in the areas of goal-oriented sales & marketing planning, data management platforms & customer data platforms, e-commerce platforms, programmatic advertising, customer relationship management, smart KPIs and management dashboards.

Before joining Berylls Mad Media, he supported leading OEMs, e-mobility start-ups and fast moving consumer goods manufacturers in their sales and marketing transformation for PricewaterhouseCoopers