BERYLLS STUDY TOP 100 SUPPLIERS. Bereits zum sechsten Mal analysierten wir die internationalen Top 100 Automobil Zulieferer zu Rangfolge, Umsätzen und operativen Ergebnissen für die Jahre 2015 und 2016. Dabei zeigt sich: 2016 war abermals ein Spitzenjahr für die Zulieferindustrie, und der Blick auf die Kennzahlen der 100 größten Zulieferer zeichnet ein Bild großer Kontinuität. Ein Faktor aber gibt zu denken.
21. December 2017
17. January 2018



Buying a new car at Mercedes has become an even greater pleasure since 2017: A personalized platform, the first of its kind in the industry, enables the purchaser to track the production of his car. And, instead of a passive waiting time, to experience genuine anticipatory joy.
Joyful Anticipation opens up many facets of the Mercedes brand world for the purchaser. And it all centers around the car he has ordered. The customer is tied to the Mercedes-Benz brand throughout all production phases via a wealth of content. And is given a wealth of interactive tools for further personalization of his order.
As a strategic project leader, we implemented Joyful Anticipation together with the in-house experts at Mercedes-Benz, as well as with, fischerAppelt and Goodmates. The joy of this innovative project was also shared by a number of juries – we have been showered with awards. The German Award for Online Communication. Automotive Brand Contest. Best of Consulting of Wirtschaftswoche. And, the high point, the Red Dot Award, where we won the “Best of the Best” award for digital innovations against 8,000 competing submissions.


Until now, a Mercedes-Benz purchaser configured his dream car, and after careful consideration, placed his order. Probably with a smile on his face.
So there is a great deal of anticipatory joy – but also a long waiting time until handover. Of course, ordering a car is exhilarating. But that is short lived. And there is emotional emptiness until the car is delivered. For lasting joy, the purchaser needs to be supported by the brand itself – he needs Joyful Anticipation.


With Joyful Anticipation, the customer can track the production of his new car almost in real time, continue to personalize it, express wishes for the handover, and immerse himself fully in the brand world.
Push notifications keep him continually up to date about what production stage his car is at, and he has almost a “live” experience in this phase. He is kept up to date by means of exclusive videos, photos, graphics and informative texts, many of them exclusive material, and given a perspective of what is taking place in the body shop, paint shop and assembly – the best form of brand loyalty.
In addition, there is another processual aspect: With Joyful Anticipation, Mercedes-Benz has become a pioneer in using internal process data to invoke an emotional customer experience – Mercedes-Benz uses data from car production for creative CRM. For example, the information from the production database is linked to the individual configuration and the customer account. This results in a new and unique building block in the loyalty program.
This solution not only makes Joyful Anticipation into a revolutionary loyalty-generating tool, but leads to a completely new relationship with the data and platforms.


Joyful Anticipation gives a Mercedes-Benz purchaser his first premium experience with the new car, long before his first road trip. Brand loyalty increases, since the customer not only takes possession of the finished product, but is also involved in its creation digitally from the start.
The platform has been received correspondingly positively: Only six months after market launch, over 50 percent of the customers who could be contacted used Joyful Anticipation. In this period, there were over 27,000 unique visitors with an average stay of almost nine minutes!
Consequently Joyful Anticipation has further optimized the online sales channel: Based on the specific vehicle configuration and the large database, the customer receives personalized suggestions for further optional extras, accessories and insurance. These possibilities, too, are welcomed by the customers.


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