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    10 Jahre Berylls – Ein Jubiläum mit mehr als 1.000 Gründen zum Feiern.
    27. May 2021
    Berylls Strategy Advisors baut Operationsberatung massiv aus und nimmt neue Partner an Bord.
    10. June 2021



    Munich, May 2021 | Topic: Company


    • The Berylls success story began 10 years ago, and today more than 100 colleagues continue to write it, looking back on more than 1,000 projects.
    • From start-up, to group of companies – from Berylls Strategy Advisors to the Berylls Quartet, with Berylls Digital Ventures, Berylls Equity Partners and Berylls Mad Media.
    • The clear focus on automotive and the enormous professional experience – more than 15 years on average – make Berylls so special.
    • Multiple award-winning – functional expertise and strong partner networks, have taken Berylls to the top of management consultancies and far beyond in a short time.


    Ten years ago, a small team of enthusiasts founded a strategy consultancy with a sharp focus on the automotive industry: Berylls Strategy Advisors. The start-up, consisting of experienced consultants and automotive managers, began its activities in the basement of one of the founders. Its services were to be different from those of its competitors, approaching projects with detailed knowledge, entrepreneurial understanding and an end-2-end approach. Berylls consultants have always seen themselves as thought leaders, and clients learned to appreciate this attitude early on.

    Over the years, Berylls’ portfolio grew in parallel with client demands. In addition to the high level of strategy expertise of Berylls Strategy Advisors and the digital know-how of Berylls Digital Ventures, Berylls Equity Partners rounds out the portfolio of offerings with in-depth knowledge in the direction of equity investment. Berylls Mad Media is the fourth unit to enrich the quartet. Here, data-based and highly individualized, the right answers are given to the radical digitization of the customer interface, in sales, after sales or financial services.

    Berylls has long had a strong multinational presence, as projects and customer requests are becoming increasingly international. Subsidiaries in China, the UK, Korea, Switzerland and the USA reflect the growing internationalization of the business.


    “When the founders launched Berylls Strategy Advisors in May 2011, the world was a different place. OEMs and suppliers were shaking off the effects of the financial crisis with some success, growth in China was picking up rapidly. E-mobility was still of no real significance, and digitization could just be seen as a gathering storm on the horizon. Only those who looked closely could see the first signs of the impending revolution in our industry”, knows Dr. Jan Burgard, Managing Partner of Berylls Strategy Advisors.
    It was on this premise that a small group of experts embarked on the adventure of self-employment by founding a strategy consulting firm. All of them brought decades of experience with them, whether as consultants or as former managers at OEMs and suppliers. What united them all, apart from their know-how, was their great enthusiasm for cars and their entrepreneurial thinking. The resulting special mix also caught on with the customers. Which led to a rapidly growing number of projects and expanding client base, and in parallel, clients and industry experts applauded Berylls’ work with countless important awards. Multiple awards as Beste Berater, Hidden Champions, with Red Dot Awards and as a DPOK Award winner are eloquent testimony to this.

    “In 2011, it was usually still enough for the customer to develop a strategy to bring a project to a successful conclusion and to give the customer the right orientation for his business, to create clarity for him for new challenges. But that was soon to change”, says Andreas Radics, Managing Partner of Berylls, describing the early days.

    The Berylls strategists, recognized early on that tradition must give way to transformation for the industry to survive. The four CASE themes of connectivity, autonomous driving, sharing and electrification, enriched by Big Data, were practically tearing apart previous business models. Clarity and orientation became more necessary than ever and more difficult to find, because the transformation dynamics suddenly gained momentum and their acceleration has not yet lost its vehemence.


    Since 2016 at the latest, the automotive world has turned upside down. But Berylls anticipated the far-reaching changes much earlier and founded subsidiaries in the U.S. (2012), Switzerland (2013) and China (2014); in spring 2017, Berylls Digital Ventures was added. Since then, the colleagues in the Berlin office have been developing ideas, digital products and new business models that help the entire industry remain fit for the future. For individual players, they ensure that they become fit for the future in the first place. For a premium OEM, the digital experts are developing a vehicle configurator that, based on AI, takes customers’ lifestyles into account – a completely new product that has won numerous awards thanks to its innovative strength. It is these awards that manifest the entrepreneurial decisions and foresight of Team-BDV.

    Only a few weeks after the opening of Berylls Digital Ventures, Berylls expands again and launches a location in the UK. Not least to be prepared for any consequences of the Brexit.

    Internationalization takes the next step just a few months later. In 2018, a Berylls branch is established in Korea, and in 2019, an offshoot of Berylls Digital Ventures is launched in China. Globally active clients quickly learn to appreciate that Berylls can serve new projects with an equally international approach without giving up the individual claim of a boutique consultancy. In the meantime, international projects from non-German-speaking countries account for almost half of Berylls’ revenues, and the trend is rising.
    With Berylls Equity Partners, Berylls will open up another business segment in 2020. It is an entrepreneurial investment company that acquires troubled but promising companies in the mobility industry, improves them operationally and strategically aligns them for the long term. Says Dr. Jan Dannenberg, Managing Director of Berylls Equity Partners: “In addition to the high level of strategic expertise of Berylls Strategy Advisors and the digital know-how of Berylls Digital Ventures, Berylls Equity Partners rounds out the portfolio of offerings with in-depth knowledge in the direction of equity investment.” But it shouldn’t stop there in the crisis year of 2020.

    Bucking all trends, Berylls is also growing in the pandemic. Just a few months after Equity Partners, Berylls Mad Media appears on the scene. Berylls Mad Media is building a pan-European powerhouse for a leading car manufacturer with selected partners – responsible for all digital channels, including web and app, to focus on the customer interface – whether for sales, after sales or financial services. After all, the areas of marketing and sales can hardly be separated and the boundaries in the automotive sales model are blurring, while at the same time a multitude of new opportunities for individual customer dialog are forming. Here, Berylls Mad Media creates an offering to meet the changing individual end customer needs.


    After 10 years, Berylls is also celebrating the successful completion of more than 1,000 projects. With them, Berylls consultants have proven that they can master the challenges of transformation together with their clients, that they are more than providers of a strategy, namely thought leaders and implementers with deep functional expert and detailed know-how who have the right network. After all, Berylls consultants don’t claim to know everything, but to always know who the right partner is for a project, even if it leads to completely uncharted territory.

    Today, more than 100 Berylls employees take full care of their clients so that they, in turn, can take the best possible care of their clients. In recent years, many business partners have become close confidants who enjoy working together. This is another reason why many customers continue to work on projects together with Berylls.

    Today, the automotive world no longer consists exclusively of OEMs, suppliers and EDLs, but also includes many other players, including mobility providers and tech players. They, in particular, have turned the traditional industry on its head for good. For 10 years now, Berylls Strategy Advisors has been ensuring that clients nevertheless look at this world from the right perspective.
    The automotive industry has evolved into the mobility industry, and Berylls has grown from a small start-up into a recognized partner of this industry, maturing from a management consultancy into a group of companies. Much has changed, but one thing has remained the same: enthusiasm. But even this has evolved and today encompasses not only the car, but the entire cosmos of mobility. The transformation in-house has been successful.

    Nevertheless, Berylls remains Berylls. But different.


    The Berylls Group’s services are fully dedicated to the automotive industry. From offices in Germany, China, the UK, South Korea, North America and Switzerland Berylls experts cover all current and future topics of the automotive ecosystem. Their expertise is combined in four specialized units – the Berylls Quartet.

    Berylls Strategy Advisors With its comprehensive know-how, the top management consultancy serves the entire automotive value chain – from strategic conception to improving operational performance.

    Berylls Digital Ventures The Digital Ventures team offers to build new business models for clients or develops and operates digital products for them – end-to-end. Berylls Digital Ventures invests in start-ups and builds white-label digital products that customers can integrate in their digital presence.

    Berylls Equity Partners In the Berylls Quartet, Equity Partners is an investment company backed by strong anchor investors that acquires companies in the mobility industry to improve them operationally and realign them strategically.

    Berylls Mad Media Mad Media’s experts develop and implement data-driven marketing, integrated portfolio and service design, all the way to holistic process and IT architectures.

    The Berylls Quartet is the key to accompanying the automotive industry on its way into the future and to leveraging its potential, from strategy to final implementation – end-to-end.

    Because the future is coming. But different.