Sustainability – What the customers say

Munich, June 2023

Sustainability - What the customers say

Munich, June 2023


The automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation, as sustainability becomes a defining issue for the public as well as governments and regulators. In addition to ever-stricter environmental legislation, customers are growing increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their choices, so that OEMs must integrate sustainability into the core of their operations. It is no longer enough for manufacturers to produce electric cars and reduce their footprint in the sourcing and production of their vehicles, however. Rather, manufacturers must develop and deliver a comprehensive and cohesive customer experience that embodies sustainability, right across the first contact with the customer to the ownership lifecycle. Now that all the major OEMs have battery electric vehicles in their portfolio, manufacturers are finding it harder to differentiate their products on sustainability, even though this is becoming an important purchase criterion for customers.

What’s more, electric vehicle sales are proving to be erratic rather than on a straight upward trajectory. This is true especially in countries where governmental incentives are changing, and/or where the public charging infrastructure is still struggling to catch up with the availability and take-up of electric vehicles. A further pressure takes the form of new players in the market, particularly as Chinese manufacturers enter the electric vehicle industry with credible offerings, pushing western OEMs to rethink their strategies for attracting customers and reinforcing their brand loyalty. All of this is shifting the focus from the product to the wider customer experience as the key to sustainability-related differentiation. So, let‘s put ourselves in the customer‘s shoes…


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Berylls Insight
Sustainability - What the customers say
Dr. Jan Burgard

Berylls Group CEO

Philipp Enderle

Associate Partner

Philipp Purrucker


Philipp Brandner


Dr. Jan Burgard

Dr. Jan Burgard (1973) is CEO of Berylls Group, an international group of companies providing professional services to the automotive industry.

His responsibilities include accelerating the transformation of luxury and premium OEMs, with a particular focus on digitalization, big data, connectivity and artificial intelligence. Dr. Jan Burgard is also responsible for the implementation of digital products at Berylls and is a proven expert for the Chinese market.

Dr. Jan Burgard started his career at the investment bank MAN GROUP in New York. He developed a passion for the automotive industry during stopovers at an American consultancy and as manager at a German premium manufacturer. In October 2011, he became a founding partner of Berylls Strategy Advisors. The top management consultancy was the origin of today’s Group and continues to be the professional nucleus of the Group.

After studying business administration and economics, he earned his doctorate with a thesis on virtual product development in the automotive industry.

Philipp Enderle

Philipp Enderle (1988) joined the Berylls Group in March 2019 to support the ‘Future Sales’ division. With his experience in Automotive Captive Finance & Corporate Leasing projects, he has been actively shaping the Vehicle-as-a-Service offering within Berylls. Besides his focus on consulting for strategic and organizational challenges in Sales & Marketing, he follows his passion and supports his clients and the Berylls Group on their way to a sustainable future.

Philipp Enderle is a graduate engineer and has studied mechanical engineering at the KIT in Karlsruhe, Technical University of Munich & the University of California, Berkeley with focus on renewable energy.