Flexibility is king – how to control future production networks

Munich, March 2022

Flexibilty is king - how to control future production networks

Munich, March 2022

EMs know they need more flexibility in production – and soon – to meetdemand for greater individualization and better cost competitiveness. Here’s how...

Automakers’ need for production network flexibility has never been more urgent. Demand for customized vehicles is growing at the premium end of the
market, while at the volume end the opposite force prevails, and product complexity is being cut for cost reasons. Development cycles are growing ever-shorter, resulting in more frequent production-line changes, and increased geopolitical volatility is affecting demand and global supply chains. The last point has come to the fore in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, causing shortages from auto suppliers there.

Faced with these disruptive forces on both the demand and the supply side,
OEMs are taking more radical positions when it comes to the degree of product
individualization they offer, as well as what level of value creation will be kept inhouse. As a result, new production archetypes will emerge that will shape OEMs’ future manufacturing networks.

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Flexibility is king - how to control future production networks
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Heiko Weber (1972), Partner at Berylls Strategy Advisors, is an automotive expert in operations.

He started his career at the former DaimlerChrysler AG, where he worked for seven years and was most recently responsible for quality assurance and production of an engine line.

Since moving to Management Engineers in 2006, he has been contributing his experience and expertise to projects for automotive manufacturers as well as suppliers in development, purchasing, production and supply chain. Heiko Weber has extensive experience in the development of functional strategies in these areas and also possesses the operational management expertise to promptly catch critical situations in the supply chain through task force operations or to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

As a partner of Management Engineers, he accompanied the firm’s integration first into Booz & Co. and later into PwC Strategy&, where he was most recently responsible for the European automotive business until 2020.

Weber holds a degree in industrial engineering from the Technical University of Berlin and completed semesters abroad at Dublin City University in Marketing and Languages.