Berylls by AlixPartners Automotive Marketing Benchmark

Munich, July 2024

Berylls by AlixPartners Automotive Marketing Benchmark

Munich, July 2024

erylls by AlixPartners Automotive Marketing Benchmark (BAMB) provides an in-depth analysis of the quantity and quality of marketing activities aimed at driving digital sales for international automotive manufacturers. By benchmarking and creating transparency, it helps OEMs to continuously improve their strategies. For the third consecutive year, Berylls by AlixPartners has analysed data from more than 25 brands, providing insights into budget allocation, marketing performance, and customer experience for 2023

Key Highlights for 2023:

1. Our analysis shows significant improvements in performance KPIs, reflecting enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in marketing:

  • Cost ratio Web Visit and Started & Finished Configurations
  • Absolute Score
  • Conversion Score
  • Web Efficiency Score
  • Marketing Efficiency Score
  • Growth Score

2. Post-Pandemic Recovery: Automotive manufacturers are recovering from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) reflect a positive trend, particularly for German manufacturers.

3. Market Changes: European, especially German OEMs are distancing themselves from Chinese competitors, showing a stronger market position and better performance metrics.


Why It Matters:

Driving Sales Success: Marketing is increasingly becoming a sales enabler, as evidenced by a strong correlation between website visits, finished configurations, and sales (see Chapter 3).

High Budget Pressure: It’s crucial to understand how budgets are allocated and their impact on performance, including optimising cost per web visit and configuration. This knowledge empowers OEMs to enhance marketing efficiency and drive better returns.

Sales Pressure: Utilize the marketing budget to improve the sales funnel and decrease necessary discounts, thereby maximizing overall profitability.


Comparing yourself to yesterday is one aspect; comparing yourself to your competition is another. However, strive to learn and improve every day!


The BAMB is published in three parts.

  • Part one looks at market development, OEM media investments and the sales funnel.
  • Chapter two presents a comparative marketing spend analysis, highlighting opportunities to improve funnel efficiency.
  • The final chapter focuses on conversion rates, providing key insights for OEMs to optimise digital strategies and enhance customer journeys.


Chapter 1: Market Development and OEM Investments

Due to crises, OEMs and consumers are hesitant about non-digital media investments. Despite improvements in sales funnel efficiency and configurator optimisation in 2023, configurator usage declined, while web traffic and sales increased.


Chapter 2: Comparative Spending Analysis

Half of automotive brands distribute their media budgets evenly throughout the year, while the rest significantly increase marketing spending in Q4. Our analysis shows that this Q4 surge doesn’t correlate with increased customer demand, resulting in higher costs without commensurate business growth. Redirecting some Q4 funds to earlier quarters could significantly enhance marketing effectiveness, driving more leads and sales.


Chapter 3: Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate disparities significantly influence marketing efficiency. While simplifying digital experiences is vital, reducing clicks for vehicle configuration is just a part of it. Timely, relevant customer experiences are crucial for enhancing conversions. Management should prioritise conversion rates as a key performance indicator, ensuring transparency and proactive management across the entire customer journey.


Call to Action:

Contact us to discuss your current position and explore how you can improve your budget efficiency and effectiveness. Our benchmark analysis provides valuable insights to guide your marketing strategies and drive digital sales growth.


For more detailed information and personalised advice, feel free to contact us.

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Sascha Kurth

Sascha Kurth (1987) is a Partner at Berylls by AlixPartners (formerly Berylls Mad Media), a company specializing in the automotive industry. He is an expert in building, transforming, and restructuring sales and marketing organizations and has experience from more than 30 projects in this context. From his perspective, it is particularly important for sales and marketing organizations to have clear and measurable goals and a clear and comprehensible strategy for achieving them. Subsequently, the focus is on creating an effective, efficient, and self-optimizing organization from the right people, processes, partners, and necessary governance. Technology and data are crucial enablers for leveraging the efficiency and effectiveness of the resources used multiple times. This is essential to be competitive, remain competitive, and develop competitive advantages for the future. However, they are not an end in themselves but always enablers to achieve the goals (better). Sascha Kurth is convinced that building effective and efficient sales and marketing organizations is a crucial long-term competitive advantage for the entire company and that paid advertising (especially increasing the budget) should be one of the last initiatives to achieve strategic goals.

Sascha Kurth has been supporting automotive manufacturers in a global context since 2013. He has extensive expertise in goal-oriented sales and marketing planning, Paid, Earned, Owned- funnel management, data management platforms & customer data platforms, e-commerce platforms, programmatic advertising, customer relation management, smart KPIs, and management dashboards.

Prior to joining Berylls Mad Media, he supported leading OEMs, e-mobility start-ups, telecommunications companies, and fast-moving consumer goods manufacturers in their sales & marketing transformation at various consulting firms.