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17. January 2018
BERYLLS STUDY: REVOLUTION OF URBAN MOBILITY. In our study “The Revolution of Urban Mobility” we analyze the challenges of worldwide urban mobility and forecast a € 1600 billion market for autonomous mobility-related business models by 2035. Municipalities and customers will be the big winners.
13. February 2018


In January, the Best Cars 2018 in Stuttgart, the gala for the major readers’ poll by auto motor und sport, are among the most important appointments in the calendars of car managers. For the Best Cars celebration has been like a big family party for the car industry for more than 40 years – anyone who is here is part of the narrow circle of the automotive world.
Just like Berylls’ consultants, whose management was invited by the auto motor und sport editor-in-chief and represented by managing director Andreas Radics in Stuttgart. Other illustrious guests included Matthias Müller (Volkswagen Group CEO), Ralf Speth (Jaguar Land Rover CEO), Oliver Blume (Porsche CEO) and the Chief Technology Officers of Audi, BMW and Schaeffler: Peter Mertens, Klaus Fröhlich and Peter Gutzmer.
Large ballroom of Messe Stuttgart – In January, the Best Cars have been the first large industry meeting of the car industry in Germany for more than four decades.
Red carpet: Ralph Alex, editor-in-chief auto motor und sport, Nils Oberschelp, CEO Motor Presse Stuttgart, Andreas Radics managing partner Berylls Strategy Advisors, Christian Bangemann, Head of Communication Berylls, Birgit Priemer, editor-in-chief auto motor und sport, Tim Ramms, Head of Business Unit Mobility Motor Presse Stuttgart, (from left to right)
At their core, the Best Cars are a readers’ poll of Motor Presse Stuttgart, the publishing house of auto motor und sport, an award of the most popular cars and brands – 2018 rated by 118,000 readers. It was accordingly exciting for the guests, as every year, to see which brands and models are rising in the favor of motorists and which are outstripped. Almost more important than trophies and placements for the majority of car celebrities were the discussions with other decision makers in the industry and the editors of auto motor und sport. Because whoever is here, as Berylls, is part of the auto-family.


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