Quo Vadis, China 2023 – What’s next for foreign OEMs as pressure from Chinese players increase

Munich, January 2023

Quo Vadis, China 2023 - What's next for foreign OEMs as pressure form Chinese players increase

Munich, January 2023

hina’s automotive market once again displayed great resilience in 2022, despite severe  challenges.

In total, 23.6 million passenger cars were sold, a year-on-year increase of 9.5 percent. This included the record-breaking figure of 6.5 million new energy vehicles (NEVs), a year-on-year rise of 94.3 percent, reinforcing China’s critical role in the worldwide shift to electric mobility.

Repeating their success in 2021, Chinese players proved the big winners in the NEV market, accounting for more than 80 percent of total NEV sales. Meanwhile, established foreign OEMs lagged behind.  Even premium brands which in the past could depend on success in China struggled to cope with intensifying competition from domestic manufacturers as the transition to e-mobility accelerated.

The next international phase of this battle has now begun in earnest, with Chinese automotive companies taking on major global markets, focusing especially on western Europe. In 2022, China’s total vehicle exports reached another record high of 2.5 million passenger cars, a year-on-year increase of 56.7 percent.

Looking forward, market conditions in China will remain challenging for foreign OEMs, as more new Chinese players ramp up production and sales amid rapidly changing customer tastes and shifting government priorities. Nonetheless, there are still areas such as sustainability and the metaverse where foreign players can gain a competitive advantage, as we explain in this report.


During 2022, China’s economy continued to be affected by restrictive COVID-19 suppression measures while in October, the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) set the country’s direction for the next five years. In addition, Chinese manufacturers, like their international peers, were severely affected by the global chip shortage and rising raw material prices. Against this background, China’s automotive industry experienced a turbulent twelve months.


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Quo Vadis China 2023 - What's next foreign OEMs as pressure from Chinese Players increase
Dr. Jan Burgard

Berylls Group CEO

Willy Wang

Managing Director China

Hongtao Wei

Associate Partner

Soleiman Mansouri

Associate Partner

Lois Yang

Lead Analyst

Dr. Jan Burgard

Dr. Jan Burgard (1973) is CEO of Berylls Group, an international group of companies providing professional services to the automotive industry.

His responsibilities include accelerating the transformation of luxury and premium OEMs, with a particular focus on digitalization, big data, connectivity and artificial intelligence. Dr. Jan Burgard is also responsible for the implementation of digital products at Berylls and is a proven expert for the Chinese market.

Dr. Jan Burgard started his career at the investment bank MAN GROUP in New York. He developed a passion for the automotive industry during stopovers at an American consultancy and as manager at a German premium manufacturer. In October 2011, he became a founding partner of Berylls Strategy Advisors. The top management consultancy was the origin of today’s Group and continues to be the professional nucleus of the Group.

After studying business administration and economics, he earned his doctorate with a thesis on virtual product development in the automotive industry.

Willy Wang

Willy Lu Wang (1981) joined Berylls Strategy Advisors in 2017. He started his career participating in the graduate program of Audi focusing on production planning. After stations at another strategy consultancy as well as being the strategy director for a German Tier-1 supplier, he is now responsible for the China business at Berylls.

He has a broad consulting focus working for all clients in China, whether they are JVs, WOFEs or pure local players. He is also responsible for the development of AI and Big Data products dedicated towards the Chinese market further strengthening the Berylls End-to-End strategy and product development capabilities.

Wang studied Electronics & Information Technology with focus on Systems and Software Engineering and Control Theory at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Hongtao Wei

Hongtao Wei (1988), Associate Partner, joined Berylls Strategy Advisors in 2015, an international strategy consultancy specializing in the automotive industry, where he focuses on all issues related to the Chinese automotive market. In addition to Western manufacturers in China, his clients also include Chinese OEMs, investors, provincial governments, and state-owned enterprises.

He has profound expert knowledge in the areas of sales and aftersales. His other areas of expertise include digitalization, connectivity, and turnaround management.

He studied Sinology, Economics and Statistics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich.

Soleiman Mansouri

Soleiman joined the Berylls Group in March 2022. He has set his focus on customer-centrist solutions, gaining experience in Product- and Corporate Strategy, Consulting with the focus on the OEM business. His Automotive career started with digitalization of the Aftersales of an US OEM in Europe and took him to China to the leading German OEM group, heading the Product and Portfolio department. He gained intensive consulting experience with one of the top management consulting firms and as a freelance consultant. Before joining Berylls, he was the Director Go-to-Market of one of the top Chinese OEMs supporting their entrance into the EU market. Soleiman is a graduated M.A./MBA in International Business from the University of Hamburg and ECUST/Shanghai.

Soleiman joined the Berylls Group in March 2022 and is part of the Asia-team, responsible for supporting all players in a successful market entrance. Also, provides profound expertise of customer-centric Product Marketing and Portfolio Strategy approaches to our clients.

Soleiman is expert in customer-centric Product-/Portfolio Strategy, Go-To-Market, Corporate Strategy and Entrepreneurship.