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    Munich, 2021 | Topic: Trucking 2030

    There has never been more need for change in land transport since the historic shift from horse-carriages to Diesel powered motor trucks about one century ago.

    Multiple challenges require a transformation that could hardly be more fundamental:
    • Climate change calls for immediate action. In order to achieve the ambitious carbon dioxide emission reduction targets set in the context of the Paris Agreement, trucks need electric zero emission powertrains – quickly.
    • Digitalization is revolutionizing all sectors of the economy. Road transport, so far a rather fragmented and traditional industry, has enormous potential to boost productivity by reducing waiting times and empty runs – finally.
    • Truck drivers are very hard to find already today. Demographic change and increasing cost add pressure on operators to make use of the most disruptive element in the future road transport system: automated driving. Given the TCO advantage, they will – definitely.


    We are ready to help you take action.

    In the coming weeks we will show you our results in the following studies. Stay tuned!
    In 2030, medium and heavy-duty trucks are going to look very different from today.
    A large and growing quantity will be ELECTRIC, either due to driving bans for vehicles with com-bustion engines, or because they have significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than conventional Diesel trucks.
    All new trucks will be CONNECTED to the internet of things and serve as mobile edge devices, fully integrated in highly efficient digital processes.
    Last but not least, some will even be AUTONOMOUS, able to move in a defined operational design domain (ODD) without a driver, and ultimately without a cabin.
    The speed of this transformation is breath-taking, and it requires not only new thinking, but also heavy investment. New technologies, new business models, new competitors – there are few things that are not going to change, in fact. Developing the right products and choosing the right partners will be crucial for future success, or even for mere survival. Sound decision making and a very clear roadmap are of highest importance in such a dynamic environment.
    Navigating into an uncertain future requires orientation and courage. Berylls Strategy Advisors has conducted the survey Trucking 2030, which is based on 50 expert interviews with leaders from major players along the complete truck & trailer value chain. Between October and December 2020 we have discussed with industry experts what is required and what can be expected until the end of the decade.


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    Are you prepared for Trucking 2030?


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