Press Release: Customers remain skeptical

Munich, June 2023

Press Release: Customers remain skeptical

Munich, June 2023

erylls study on customer perceptions of manufacturers' sustainability initiatives

  • For more than 75 percent of the participants in the latest international Berylls study, sustainability is a ‚fairly‘ or ‚extremely relevant‘ purchase criterion for the next car.
  • Sustainability aspects such as transparency and emissions reduction are given high weighting, while fair working conditions in production hardly play a role.
  • Customers are predominantly skeptical of manufacturers‘ sustainability initiatives; much is perceived as greenwashing.
  • For only seven percent of customers, sustainable living requires them to give up their cars, the study shows.
  • Customers want incentives in the form of rewards for sustainable driving behavior.

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Berylls Press Release
Press Release: Customers remain skeptical
Philipp Enderle

Philipp Enderle (1988) joined the Berylls Group in March 2019 to support the ‘Future Sales’ division. With his experience in Automotive Captive Finance & Corporate Leasing projects, he has been actively shaping the Vehicle-as-a-Service offering within Berylls. Besides his focus on consulting for strategic and organizational challenges in Sales & Marketing, he follows his passion and supports his clients and the Berylls Group on their way to a sustainable future.

Philipp Enderle is a graduate engineer and has studied mechanical engineering at the KIT in Karlsruhe, Technical University of Munich & the University of California, Berkeley with focus on renewable energy.