Berylls study on mergers & acquisitions as enablers of a digital transformation

Munich, November 2017

Berylls study on mergers & acquisitions as enablers of a digital transformation

Munich/Detroit, November 2018


257 automotive companies in the DACH region changed hands in 2017, and the number of successful takeovers reached a peak last year. The large number of company takeovers by “digital players” is remarkable. Acquisitions in this area are apparently intended to advance the digital transformation of the automotive industry. However, the vast majority of M&A activities are attributable to classic companies. There is no sign of know-how being sold off to China. The purchase rally will continue unabated in 2018.
Management Summary
  • Exclusively automotive: Berylls analyzed 257 company takeovers in the automotive industry in the German-speaking DACH region with a revenue volume of € 41.4 billion and over 153,450 employees.
  • Think digital: a third of the companies taken over were “digital players” and startups, with business models based on innovations for digital transformation.
  • The industry is continuing to consolidate: OEMs and tier 1 suppliers are using M&A to strengthen their competitiveness; traditional SMEs are dwindling in importance.
  • Attractive buyers’ market: as a buyer group, financial investors were on a par with suppliers in 2017. MANAGEMENT SUMMARY.
  • Going global: 84 companies in the German-speaking region were purchased by foreign companies, some 30 within Europe and 23 by purchasers in Asia.
Berylls Insight
Berylls study on mergers & acquisitions as enablers of a digital transformation
Dr. Jan Dannenberg


Andreas Radics

Executive Partner

Michael Beckmann


Dr. Jan Dannenberg
Dr. Jan Dannenberg (1962) has been a consultant for the automotive industry since 1990 and became a founding partner of Berylls Strategy Advisors in May 2011. Until spring 2011, he worked with Mercer Management Consulting and Oliver Wyman in Munich, Germany, on international projects – for five years as Associate Partner, and another three years as Partner. He is a recognized specialist in innovation and brand management in the automotive industry, and primarily advises suppliers and investors on strategy, M&A and performance improvement. In addition he is Managing Director at Berylls Equity Partners, an investment company that specializes on mobility enterprises.
Bachelor of Arts in economics at Stanford University, USA; business administration and doctorate degree at the University of Bamberg, Germany.
Andreas Radics

Andreas Radics (1973) has been advising the automotive industry as a consultant since 2001. In addition, he can look back on over four years of professional and management experience in industry. Before co-founding and building up Berylls Strategy Advisors in 2011 as one of its Managing Partners, he worked at Gemini Consulting and Oliver Wyman, two international strategy consulting firms.
Besides being one of the leading subject-matter experts in Mergers & Acquisitions as well as in the development and implementation of corporate strategies in the automotive industry, he is an expert in e-mobility and a proven expert on the US market.
Business administration degree at Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Business Administration Faculty, Ingolstadt, Germany.